Lineage 2 Servers List

Lineage 2 servers are computers that are hosted all over the world to create a common platform for online gamers to play Lineage 2 by using the given protocol address or login.

Launched in South Korea on 1st October 2003, Lineage 2 servers gives access to game players all over the world to meet and play with tens of millions of gamers from other parts of the world.

L2 servers make playing Lineage 2 a reality and create a wonderful experience for players. The servers have unique pre-built worlds, characters, capacities, expansions, plugins, weaponry, and much more.

There are several Lineage 2 servers available to accommodate the teeming population of gamers globally since each server has a limited capacity that can be signed in at once.

Brief History of Lineage 2

Lineage 2 is an MMORPG specifically designed for Microsoft Windows. It is a sequel to the first lineage MMORPG launched in South Korea on 1st October 2003. It has reportedly been played by over 14 million gamers. The game has undergone several developments and on 30th November 2011; it adopted a free-to-play model – Goddess of Destruction.

Its prequel was set 150 years apart to portray continuity and create a different experience compared to other MMORPGs. Players can create their avatars and select one of the five races available – the humans, elves, dark elves, dwarfs, and orcs. Players can purchase costly weapons and armor with Adena (currency used in Lineage 2) for combat and safety to survive. Surviving and progressing in the game is dependent on having good gear and items.

Lineage 2 has a topnotch interface and sound quality. It has a wonderful reproduction featuring orchestral music that plays in certain regions of the game, attractive vistas showing cities, awe-inspiring statuaries, and detailed character models.

Tips for Choosing Lineage 2 Servers

Choosing reliable Lineage 2 servers goes a long way in determining the type of experience you would have when you play your favorite game. Here a few tips for choosing the right L2 servers.

  • Choose a server that is fast and stable. Fast and stable servers provide a better user experience.
  • Choose servers with strong anti-attack capabilities such as protection against DDoS, Trojan scans, and prevention of brute force password-cracking. All these facilities ensure the safety of your data.
  • Find out if there are after-sales services.
  • Do not just choose servers because they are cheap. Look beyond the price. Prices of servers are determined by factors such as server configurations, bandwidth, and security defense performance.

Top Lineage 2 Servers

Top Lineage 2 servers are worth trying for the best game playing experience. And our list has all the best of them.

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Rank Server Votes
51 France Flag

Rates: ? Xp 1000x. ? Sp 1000x. ? Adena 1000x. ? Drop 1000x. ? PartyXp 3x. ? PartySp 3x. ? Starting character level - 20. ? Starting Free S Grade items. ? Account Automatic in Game Creation. Enchant rates: ? Safe enchant +4. ? Blessed(+20) and simple(+16) scrolls max enchant. ? Crystal scrolls max en

52 Czech Republic Flag

New Interlude multicraft/pvp server.Server Start 22 December 18:00 GMT +1- EXP / SP: x100 - Adena: x50 - Drop: x200 - Spoil: x200 - Seal Stone: x20 - Raid Boss: x25 - Epic RB Drop: x1 - Quest: x50 (Quest only increased for some quests) - Quest Reward - x1,5 - Manor: x1 More info in web site

53 Argentina Flag

- Principales - Lineage II Chronicle 4 (Plataforma L2OFF). Exp x20, SP x30, Adena x20, Drop x20, Spoil x20, Party Exp x1. Subclass Acumulativas (Base +3). NPC Full Buff Gratis, GM Shop y Global GK. Sistema Offline (Comando offline). Con Block-Buff. Slot de Buff 26 + 4 Desbuff. Set Dynasty Disponible

54 Czech Republic Flag

Bonus Start Event ongoing. More information in article on server web site! Rate ------------------------------------------------------- 16x EXP/SP 16x adena 16x drop 1x WB drop 3x RB drop 10x Seal Stone drop 10x Quest XP/SP/adena 16x spoil For materials first chance increases, then amount. For other

55 United States Flag

Join our server for the best gameplay experience.

56 Argentina Flag

Interlude PvP * No Custom / No Sub Acu / No Quest * Heroes y Asedios cada 7 días * Eventos automáticos cada 30 minutos * Respawn de RB cada 3 horas *

57 Chile Flag

-La comunidad más grande de latinoamerica -Enlace Dedicado -Plataforma Oficial Mid Rates -Vip System -Starter Pack -Sistema Antibot (Smartguard) -ventos, PVP y Sorpresas -Soporte. -Boost para los Nuevos Clanes / Contactar Admin - Video Asedio Rune,

58 France Flag

Events The gameplay is based on a routine of events which will run constantly, each event has its own goals. * Maps - The longest events with biggest kinds of goals to accomplish, maps will end faster if their goal is achieved, a raid boss will spawn 5 minutes before the map ends. * Faction Events -

59 Argentina Flag

Hola chicos, paso a dejarles como estamos armando nuestro nuevo proyecto Classic Información General: Cronica: Classic 2.0 e iremos actualizando con el correr del tiempo AntiBot: SGuard Red protegida con anti DDoS Web protegida con CloudFlare Conexión internacional Proxys para mejorar sus conexion

60 Canada Flag

Detailed info up! your Clan! now! The Exilium World is making history! Come and be part of it.

61 France Flag

Rates: » Xp 1000x. » Sp 1000x. » Aden 1000x. » Drop 1000x. » PartyXp 1000x. » PartySp 1000x. » Starting level 1. ================================== Enchant rates: » Safe enchant (+7). » Max enchant (+30 With crystal from +25). » Enchant Armor-Jewelry (+30) » Enchant Max Weapon(+30) » Sim

62 France Flag

Server Rates: - Adena: 5 000x. - XP: 5 000x. - SP: 5 000x. - Drop: 5 000x. - PartyXp: 2x. - PartySp: 2x. - Starting character: 19 LvL. Enchant rates: - Safe enchant +4. - Blessed scrolls max enchant (+20). - Crystal and simple scrolls max enchant (+25). - Simple enchant scrolls chance - 80%. - Bless

63 Lithuania Flag

High Five server all farm /craft retail but have custom items stats like added extra stats all more info in game.

64  Flag

65 France Flag

RATES: EXP: 70x SP:70x ADENA: 140x DROP: 1x SPOIL: 5x ENCHANT INFO: Safe: +3 Maximo: +16 Weapon Maximo: +10 Armor / Jewels Enchant normal: 30% Blessed enchant: 50% Crystal enchant: 100% OTHERS INFO: Olympiadas: 00:00 / 06:00 Auto Pick Up - Hero: Monthly Events automatic: TvT and by members Staff Sie

66 Argentina Flag

Características pertenecientes al servidor Tekila x20: Principales Experiencia: x20.0 Sp: x20.0 Drop Adena: ((Chance 100% - (Cantidad x10.0). Drop SealStones: (Chance x1.0) - (Cantidad x10.0). Drop Item RaidBoss: (Chance Mobs x1.0) - (Raid Chance x10.0). Drop Spoil: (Drop Chance x2.5) - (Drop Canti

67 France Flag

Server Rates: - Adena: 5 000x. - XP: 5 000x. - SP: 5 000x. - Drop: 5 000x. - PartyXp: 2x. - PartySp: 2x. - Starting character: 19 LvL. Enchant rates: - Safe enchant +4. - Blessed scrolls max enchant (+20). - Crystal and simple scrolls max enchant (+25). - Simple enchant scrolls chance - 80%. - Bless

68 France Flag

Grand Crusared Client EXP/SP Rate: x50 Max level: 110 Max skill enchant: +20 Max Soul Crystal level: 8 Max enchant items: +18 No quest needed to change class No quest needed to enter at Epic Raids All skills working Working Brooches Working New Macros Working Auction House Working Clan Rewards Worki

69 France Flag - "Aeron" H5 PvP Server General High Five Part 5 chronicle Community Board with everything you need Rates x5000 Start free with equipped Elegia items and Raid Jewels GM Shop full, everything for adena Easy Farm, PvP Balance, PvP Reward, Skins, Mass PvP! Enchants Chance 100% Safe/Max +16 O

70 United States Flag

Rates -We are a High Five Server! (aka High Five CT2.6) -XP Rate: x120 -SP Rate: x120 -Party XP Rate: x2 -Adena Rate: x250 -Enchant Rate: 70% -Blessed Rate: 75% -Safe Enchant: +7 -Max Enchant: +20 -Buffs: 3 hours Information - Even though our server is highly modified, our server is based off L2J, s

71  Flag

Dear guests! We've developed a brand new x77 Game World which combines the Classic High-Five and a New development! Each player will now have an opportunity to choose how his character will be developed! The only thing you'll need to do is choose the way of development. Who you think you are: a brav

72 Germany Flag

Szanowni Gracze! Jeszcze raz dzi?kujemy za liczne g?osy, którymi wyrazili?cie swoj? ch?? wspólnej zabawy na naszym serwerze. Niniejszym mamy ogromny zaszczyt i przyjemno?? og?osi?, ?e dnia 18.08.2017 nast?pi wielkie otwarcie serwera. Dok?adamy wszelkich mo?liwych stara?, aby zapewni? Wam rozrywk?

73 United States Flag

Lineage 2 Rampage High Five Part 5 chronicle Community Board with everything you need! Rates x5000 Instant Lv85 Start free with equipped Elegia items and Raid Jewels! Subclasses limit 10 Subclasses max level 85 Certifications allowed in subclasses GM Shop full, everything for adena Scheme buffer, en

74 Greece Flag

This page explains about the basic L2Gold features and gives some information for the people who are not really played L2GOLD style before.<br><br> <br><br> -L2-Gold Server C6 Interlude Features C4 and Skills All Char.<br><

75 Argentina Flag

Ares 2.0 - Gracia Final Rates Experiencia: x10 SP: x15 Drop: x10 Adena: x10 Boss Drop: X5 Spoil Rate: X10 Spoil Cantidad: x3 Informacion Gracia Final -- Files OFF -- Sin limites de clientes. Posibilidad de limitar a 3 en un futuro. Subclass acumulativas. Ver tutorial Click. Olimpiadas. Forgotten por