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World of Warcraft server often called WoW server is an instance of the game of the World Warcraft. The servers are hosted on physical devices called realms. Each server is assigned a unique type of name which has a relationship with the whole world. Players on these servers have a lot of freedom on the choices they make regarding the game in which they want to play.

The WoW servers are loaded with multiple options in the interests of the players of the game. Once one log into the game they can select the desired realms on which they can play on. There exist different types kinds of realms as shown below

* PvE / Normal realm server
Under this realm, alliance players are not allowed to counter the other groups

* Player-Verse-Player
They comprise of PvP flag that is forced on all the territories that are contesting. Players on prioritizing splitting between PvP and the normal realm.

* Role-playing
They work similarly as PvE realms but are differentiated from PvE by an extra layer of rules that govern the naming and language of the server. Players who can play on PvE can play games on this kind of server with a lot of ease and comfort. MMO players prefer using private servers in the testing of games before buying them. Private servers are said to belong to smaller communities. Such small populations relish diverse activities that are prevalent on these servers.

And there are many more custom ones! List is just endless.

The WoW server list is shown below.

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Welcome to Shadow-WoW Blizzlike 80 lvl [x30 rates] [Biggest Item Store] [Every new month DP bonus] [Everyday Events] [Tier 10 with small Frost Emblem PVE] [Furious season 6 gear with small honor PVP] [ICC 25N Vote Items]


Hello, I would like to present and at the same time propose a game on the Ragnarok TBC server. M Server configuration: Rate x2 MMAP,VMAP Enabled More information at: Website:


Features - Perma Death - Only one class (Survivalist - Basically Hunter) - No Horde/Alliance - No Health Regenaration - Only Auto Attacks - 20 Damage every 10 Minutes - Non-fiat based donation system You'll be required to have a custom patch.


Bulgarian WOW WOTLK server.

480 Antigua and Barbuda

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481 Antigua and Barbuda

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482 Denmark

What is Momentum-WoW? Momentum-WoW is a progressive PvP/PvE WotLK server emulating Vanilla on a 3.3.5 client, aiming to give players the feel of Vanilla with the graphics/talents of Wotlk and experience content at an accelerated pace

483 Germany
484 Germany

- WotLK 3.3.5. (build 12340) - TrinityCore Stable. 80 Instant ,Intense World Boss fight with alot of stratergies, Custom Quests/Scripted Instances/Malls. VAS Autobalance system, DAILY Quests,Weekly Quests, 1v1 arenas- Kill streak system, ALL BATTLEGROUNDS WORK. ALL ARENAS WORK.