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26 France Flag

A goddam good frenchy server ! Play with all your friends in a lot of games for free! Server Address PC / Mac:

Players: 242/5000
27 France Flag is an all-out anarchy server. We have only one (enforced) rule, and that is simply: No cheating. Which includes all forms of flymods, xray, spamming and so on. Scamming, embezzling, backstabbing, and everything of the like is completely allowed. While it is all allowed, you have to do it

Players: 7/9001
28 France Flag We strive to offer you an unadultered experience of the Game, as it was intended to be played by our almighty father Notch. ............................Characteristics.................... No coords, pure survival, no map resets, no help, lar

Players: 3/50
29 France Flag

Bonjour amis minecraftiens, MultiServe à commencé comme projet Stargate! après beaucoups de changements nous avons fondé le 1er DarkRP français sur MineCraft tiré du célébre mode de jeu sur Garry's Mod! Multiserve c'est aussi un réseau social complet et actif réunissant plus de 10'000 Min

Players: 3/55
30 France Flag

Arcade Universe is a server with paintball,factions,plots and much more join now!

Players: 0/10
31 France Flag

Serveur Survie Semi-RP, système d'argent (shop, hôtel de ventes), système de levels donnant des privilèges ainsi que des quêtes pour grimper plus rapidement les levels ! (Version 1.11.2)

Players: 0/30
32 France Flag

Fan de PvP? Alors venez jouer sur le serveur PvP Factions de Fieldcraft, pleins de choses vous attendent comme les HungerGames, War, Spleef etc... Serveur sans lag! Rejoignez plus de 80 connectés par soir, des évènements réguliers sont organisés chaque jour, des plugins traduits et créer par

Players: 16/300
33 France Flag

Survie vanilla+ améliorée avec accès sur candidature, en petit comité autogéré sur un serveur Discord d'extrême gauche.

34 France Flag

NautiCraft is a server all about pure survival. We offer a good 'old' survival experience for everyone willing to join! You're a fan of Minecraft survival and want to play multiplayer in a safe and friendly environment? Join NautiCraft!

35 France Flag

Op survival server with creative world. Multiple claim types. Top plugins massive permissions access.

36 France Flag

A charity based server with free access and everything else is free in game with pvp and pve worlds completely separate but identical in appearance with full guides and tutorials in game. With protected plots in wilderness and plotme system. Fully supported by Athene and Gaming For Good. Latest 1.9

Players: 4/1337
37 France Flag

Recommended as the best Attack of The BTeam Server by many! A new and very friendly community that started not long ago. Very mature staff team! This is a PvE server with no raiding and no griefing. Quality servers with 32GB of RAM, 1GBPS Connection with next to no lag! What we offer: VERY HIGH &am

38 France Flag

Duckcraft, c’est un serveur Minecraft Vanilla, mais aussi et surtout, un serveur où on passe un bon moment avec ses copains, dans un lieu utopique et égalitaire, sans admins et sans plugins, du bon vieux Minecraft old-school comme on en voit plus. Nous sommes une petite bande de quelques joueur

39 France Flag

Le server au 2 faction Ce Servervous permet de créer votre propre faction. Plus une faction a de membres, plus elle peut posséder de terres. Le risque de "grief" est faible dans les terres possédés puisque seuls les membres de la faction peuvent y construire. Les Factions peuvent crée des alli

40 France Flag

Servers : - PvP / Factions - HG - SkyBlock - ResidentEvil (GUN) - MineGun - FreeBuild

Players: 20/300
41 France Flag Our Website: We are The Goon Squad. We're a fun community that just wants to enjoy playing modded minecraft without any drama. No whitelist so come join! ^^ We communicate using Discord. Use this link to join our network on Discord: https://disc

Players: 14/100
42 France Flag

Fallout: Cold War is a serious post-apocalyptic role play server based in the Michigan wasteland. We aim to provide quality a Fallout role play experience that many types of players can enjoy. Compared to Fallout role play servers of the past, we plan to keep provide quality post-apocalyptic role p

Players: 5/50
43 France Flag

Historycraft offre plusieurs expériences de jeu. D'un côté un serveur Semi RP avec des métiers, un système de ville. D'un autre côté un serveur créatif pour vos projets. Et enfin un serveur PVP Rejoignez-nous!

Players: 1/200
44 France Flag

Our server consists of 3 main gamemodes: MassivePvP, KitPvP and Factions. Our goal is to allow players to have a smooth gameplay on a secure server that is 24/7. The gamemode's have customised plugins which allow you do things in a more unique way. MassivePvP: Our MassivePvP is the star of the serv

Players: 0/300
45 France Flag

OP-Prison / GTA Cheat / PVP Magie / PVP Soup / PVP Factions / SkyBlock / SkyWars / FreeBuild REJOIGNEZ NOUS !

46 France Flag

LightPvP is an awesome server community with many different and unique features. But, try it yourself and enjoy your stay!

47 France Flag

If you are looking for a small FTB Beyond community come join us Website: Shop: Wiki: WIP! (available on Discord) Discord: Commands enabled: /tpa, /tpaccept, /tpdeny, /home, /se

48 France Flag

Windoom Minecraft is a pvp enabled survival server. We have anti greifing rules with rollbacks for greifers. Skills Ability system in place which is mcMMO.There is a jobs system in place for you to earn economy coins which you can use for all sorts of things in game. There is a chestshop system for

49 France Flag

friendly staff, free build, no griefing. block logger, economy, shops, up 24/7

50 France Flag

Welcome to Cubiville, a modern minecraft server. Modern in it's setup and building structures around spawn. On cubiville you'll experince minecraft like never before. With over 70 plugins installed our setup is quite diffrent from most servers. Cubiville is running on a dedicated Intel E3 server wi