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1 Hong Kong Flag

A Hong Kong Minecraft Server.

2 Hong Kong Flag

Hey there! Welcome to Supersoul! This is a new server we are working on, this is our servers that are opened: - Project - STM - FacSMP (PVE) More are coming soon ;) We might not get as many players as you expected, but we try hard if make the best server experience in Minecraft! Give us feedback of

Players: 1/0
3 Hong Kong Flag

Hi, welcome to DreamTC. We are a 1.11.2 minecraft server privately hosted 24/7 with our host server in Hong Kong. We have custom-coded plugins and features that are exclusively for dreamers who join us. • Skyblock • EggWars • Plots • SMP • SkyWars / Blitz All at your fingertips. Join us n

Players: 1/50
4 Hong Kong Flag

Welcome to join Project Nazca Server We are committed to letting the players have fun in Minecraft. The server was founded in 2011 and named Golden Free Server But because the players recommended server should be more survival mode buildings So Golden Free Server officially closed Thus facilitating

Players: 5/100
5 Hong Kong Flag

Our server is practically vanilla 1.8.3, but it has a minor addition to it in the form of special quiz booths that spit out trivia questions, which you can answer for mats/blocks. This server is basically intended to test our capabilities(server load etc.), and this mod/concept that we're working o

Players: 0/300
6 Hong Kong Flag

Stagecoach City is a Minecraft virtual city made by railway enthusiasts. It is home to the UniRails railway alliance. All in technology, All in passion, All in one https://www.facebook.com/groups/771822456328106/?fref=nf

7 Hong Kong Flag

網頁系統大更新 本服的伺服器官網已經更新完成。我們將會於未來翻新論壇風格,重新打造論壇的裝飾;另外,我們也將於本伺服器官網添加 幫助 頁面,此頁面將會提供有關更多規則連結(包括伺服器玩家守則、管理員守則、商

8 Hong Kong Flag

A simple free for all mining colony with earth, skylands and hell. There is an active economy for trading too. Build beautiful things!

Players: 1/30
9 Hong Kong Flag

Why Pro craft? Pro craft is a minecraft server for new and pro players! We made this server because we want you to play with your friends and have fun. You can team up, create factions and make new friends too. We don't recommend people griefing randomly. We are a very good community and we will re

Players: 0/5
10 Hong Kong Flag

歡迎來到HcsCraft伺服器 官網:mc.hcsite.com

11 Hong Kong Flag

Our goals and what we aim to achieve We've created a server for people who play Minecraft and want one thing, a good experience. The server has been online since August 2014. It thrives on the ideals of its players, friendliness, and has become a great place to do what you like best; play Minecraft

12 Hong Kong Flag

Core003 on Mincore, a 100% Survival, Vanilla,no cheats, running Towny, mayors are eligible for admin roles

13 Hong Kong Flag

SV名稱:Star Force 星空之力 SV伺服器 IP : starforce.ddns.net SV位置/頻寬大小:香港 遊戲類型:RPG 遊戲版本:1.7.2 最大在線人數:100人

14 Hong Kong Flag

=============================================== This is a survival server. welcome all of you join our server. ===============================================

15 Hong Kong Flag

服务器名称:黑王生存服務器 服务器版本:1.15.2 服务器类型:生存 服务器的IP:mc.blackkingsurvival.net 服主QQ:2020523736 服务器QQ群:1095137170(群里会第一时间更新客户端和发送福利活动哦)~ 不能作弊!!!如果你作弊,你会被踢!!!