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1 Ireland Flag

The Nameless Pixelmon are one of the many gaming servers hosted by The Nameless gaming clan. The server currently has 50 player slots allocated to it which may be increased in the future. We have; Casino, Wondertrade, Level 15 Starters, In game ranks, grinder and more. Gyms are up. We are open to s

Players: 0/10
2 Ireland Flag

We are a up and coming Minecraft Network, we have a great community, we have a great management team who will take this small network to the next level!

Players: 0/100
3 Ireland Flag

The No. 1 Irish Server!!!!    NOW RUNNING 1.12.2! Are you looking for the perfect Survival Server? Well you've finally found it. This server is dedicated to players who love to play in Survival mode, but also like the fun found in a few useful plugins. The plugins are well monitored, and don't

Players: 0/25
4 Ireland Flag is a factions survival server. We have a wide range of plugins, features and friendly staff. Our server is hosted on dedicated hardware located in Europe. Visit our website at for more information on our server.

Players: 0/50
5 Ireland Flag

TaylorCraft is a network of dedicated Minecraft servers; creative, survival, factions and kitPvP. With a fantastic staff team which will aid your travels throughout the servers and assist with any issues you witness occurring. Each of our servers have endless possibilities for things that can be do

Players: 0/240
6 Ireland Flag

BallaghCraft! A Fun MineCraft Server For Everyone! Unique Spawn with portals to Mini-Games, Survival-Games,Survival worlds, Mini-Games and more PvP, Spleef, deatmatch, SkyGrid, Plotworld etc. Nice and helpfull Staff with access 247. Staff positions available.

7 Ireland Flag

Mazacar Prison is a prison based around working and building your way to the top. Once a prisoner has proven themselves capable of living a decent life outside of prison bars, they may set themselves free. In the meantime, it is suggested that prisoners make alliances with fellow inmates along the

8 Ireland Flag

Arkham Lockup is the ultimate Prison server experience. Combine the tried and tested prison server mechanic, a well crafted PVP map and a unique aesthetic and you end up with Arkham Lockup! Offering the option of entering a Prestige prison upon freedom Arkham Lockup will keep you entertained long a

9 Ireland Flag
10 Ireland Flag
11 Ireland Flag

This server is not intended to be a PvP server but it is your choice to PvP or not. Now, this server is about growing your skills and to decide to create your own kingdom or not. You may... Design, Create, Destroy, Conker or Form an alliance and... Help, and live in harmony and Peace with other kin

12 Ireland Flag

The server is in Creative Mode and has plots sized 100x100. There are ranks that are obtainable by building, the better your build, the better your rank. The server also has Role-Play where the players can build their own Role-Play maps and adopt people at /warp adopt We have friendly staff who ded

13 Ireland Flag

Welcome to BSK Galaxy! This server is in beta but at the moment it is only Kitpvp! Join today to become a betsy! Check out our YouTube Channel: The BSK Cast Have as much fun as you want, it never goes away! :D

Players: 0/250
14 Ireland Flag

Survival Server Awesome Survival server we need staff atm.

15 Ireland Flag

Fancraft is a server with many games and is still growing! Currently we have 6 games: Survival,Cops & Robbers,PVP Wilderness(coming Soon), SkyBlock and a theme park! If you want to be op you have to sign a contract! The server is open 5-10pm GMT On weekdays and all day during weekends(until

16 Ireland Flag

Welcome to XtNetwork a server with lots of gamemodes such as Plots, Build Comps, One in the chamber, SurvivalGames, We take all gamemodes seriously as our amazing factions! Youll soon fall in love with our staff and gamemodes and overall the communtiy! So why not log on to XtNetwork Well offer a gr

17 Ireland Flag

25 to life is a minecraft drug sever where you will fight other drug gangs for MONEY, POWER AND RESPECT the only 3 things that matter in your life now there are no chat rules NO CENSORSHIP all we ask of you is -No hacking (Perm Ban no exceptions. You have the ability to appeal this) -No DDos thread

18 Ireland Flag

Crafty-Survival is a small Survival server with its own Medieval Build Team. Server We offer a great Towny Survival experience with great daily players. Our Creative server is plots generated. Plots are a decent size and players can claim up to a max of two plots. We also have a build team map wher

19 Ireland Flag

24/7 minecraft server survivalgames/factions/raiding/pvp dont beg for ranks or staff you will get banned

20 Ireland Flag

This is a server where we we have it on survival admins play on survival but may go to creative if anything happens the owner of this is Sharmody (in gane name) i will have a few admins set so there will be more than on on at all times