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1 Lithuania Flag

Lietuviskas minecraft serveris!

Players: 0/2018
2 Lithuania Flag

New factions server with custom craft. we are still in managing process so peoples can get headstart untill i didnt disable some recipes! have a look we hope you will like it!

Players: 1/100
3 Lithuania Flag

hi please join beacuse we are a very small server and we nned player we have staff that are nice and u can join to play mayby apply for staff or builder and make the server bigger if u have a yt channel

4 Lithuania Flag

This is a new mod minecraft server! Because in this server are car mod, mob arena, pvp arena and factions! Now are and creative server. But he now WIPE :(

5 Lithuania Flag

Good server for all Players

6 Lithuania Flag
7 Lithuania Flag

This vanilla server with economy and various mini-games, like parkour, spleef, TNT run and many other!

8 Lithuania Flag

Lithuanin Minecraft Server, everyone is welcome to this server, we hope that you can enjoy, join the Lithuanin Minecraft Server now. Thank you!

Players: 0/100
9 Lithuania Flag

survival , PVP and ranks /VIP /SVIP /MOD /Kits PVP SURVIVAL RANKS Naujokas-Dievas Free building

Players: 0/10
10 Lithuania Flag

Sveiki , taigi iškart prie reikalo. Noriu jums pristatyti serverį, nėra jis nei senas, nei naujas, praktiškai jis gyvuoja nuo 2013metų liepos pradžios. Šį kartą grįžtame su daugybe atnaujinimų. Pagrinde šio serverio tipas yra PVP/Survival/Jobs/Factions. Serveris kątik buvo pravalytas,