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1 New Zealand Flag

This server is one of a kind, it is mainly factions with a slightly modern twist to it. Come join today, it is a ton of a half of fun, you are missing out right now!

Players: 0/50
2 New Zealand Flag

Join a world built from the ground up to be fun. When Minecraft servers were first created, they were simple beasts. Running few modifications and often not online 24/7 they were built by people who loved Minecraft and loved playing Minecraft. Fast-forward to 2017 and today most of the largest serv

Players: 0/300
3 New Zealand Flag

Our small New Zealand based server has always been popular with friends and family. We used to run a Bukkit server but from now on we will simply run Minecraft vanilla. If you are a nice person you are welcome to join us.

Players: 0/30
4 New Zealand Flag

No1. NZ Server, Survival, Sky Blocks Great fun, Survival easy Survival Hard Creative Minecraft fun.

Players: 1/200
5 New Zealand Flag

FROOTY LAND is part of the next generation factions server. Designed to be for the players. Always constantly adding new ideas. Designed to be transparent. Designed for all. Features: - Creative - PVP - Factions - KITS - in game shop - commands -fly command IP:

Players: 0/40
6 New Zealand Flag

A survival server, Hosted in NZ (but good speeds to Australia and other countries), Vanilla Minecraft server, active players, good connection. Come and build with us. | Forums === The Rules === No griefing No looting No PvP, you may duel if the other play consents. Clean language (the

Players: 0/32
7 New Zealand Flag

A fun random server anyone can join, you, your family, your friends, ANYONE!!! You would have heaps of fun on this server! You can play mini games, build your dream house, and do parkour! All of fun. JOIN NOW!!!

Players: 2/1000
8 New Zealand Flag New Zealand Minecraft Server lolnet is a New Zealand based Minecraft server! We have been operating since January 2011. The server is free to play for anyone! No whitelisting, no wasting time applying for building rights, you can just jump right in and start playing. Although we are Ne

9 New Zealand Flag

Newest up-to-date 1.16.4 Minecraft server hosted in New Zealand!

10 New Zealand Flag
11 New Zealand Flag

Mini games coming soon!

12 New Zealand Flag

Ellder MC is a free to play New Zealand based vanilla Minecraft server. We run bukkit with various plugins and offer grief protection, an economy, non-pvp, friendly players and much more! We are a small non-profit community and would love to have you join us!

13 New Zealand Flag

this is a friendly server for people who just wana hang out and play minecraft together. pure pve and no pvp friendly staff and looking for more to join our team no whitelist so any 1 can join but i am hard on rule breakers. we also have a pvp arena. it is nearly greif proof plugins. essentials wor

14 New Zealand Flag

Pvp iConomy Plots Coming soon nice staff

15 New Zealand Flag
16 New Zealand Flag

This is a public Survival Server. All are welcome. Show us what you can build. Show us how you survive. Come Visit the planet called Hate Prime. leave your mark

17 New Zealand Flag

Survival,Parkor,Paintball,Shop and lots more to come!!!

18 New Zealand Flag

Welcome to What The Hay - a Towny server with a huge community atmosphere. PvP is enabled, so you better be on your guard - but no going all out Mike Myers. We have a tightly-knit community and a pretty epic staff team that is always willing to help you. We have some awesome stuff, like working cas

19 New Zealand Flag

Factions Server

20 New Zealand Flag

If you are looking for a large, entertaining, and well managed Minecraft server, you have come to the right place. NZnetwork has been running Minecraft since mid-2010, making us one of the longest running servers in the world. We host Minecraft from our project servers, so the overall speeds are ex

21 New Zealand Flag

Daemon Network Is A Awesome New Server that Has Op Drug Survival, Op Prison And Soon Skyblock. Right Now We Are Looking for staff so come join. At 15 Players We Do A Mp And A Dp And A Mp Every week. At 30 Players We Give Away A Donor Rank. So Come Over Now And Play DaemonNetwork

22 New Zealand Flag

A faction,parkour,and pvp server. This is a new server still a WIP but functional. Owner:LoganSamNZ Admins:firearrow2004, SammyDANZ ,finlog2012

23 New Zealand Flag

TAKASTORYXX IS NOT THE REAL SERVER YOU HAVE TO APPLY AND ILL ADD YOU ON REALMS You have to know English You have to have Skype that you are willing to use No swearing

24 New Zealand Flag

Lumindor is an economy survival server with a tech/modern theme. Here you will be able to Build up your wealth, expand your boundaries and create your standing point in a large economical world that is wanting to grow by the day. Do you have what it takes to become a standing figure in this economy

25 New Zealand Flag

IP: Play.SuperMC.Org >Prison >Factions >KitPvP >Skyblock >Skywars >TheForce >OpPrison IP: Play.SuperMC.Org