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51 Sweden Flag

Tja, det är jag som är Jerry! Eftersom ni är här så letar ni säkert efter en svensk server? Då är ni på rätt ställe, för Lundizcraft är helt svensk även allt in-game är översatt. Så jag tycker du ska ta och joina Lundizcraft 2.0! :P

52 Sweden Flag

We are a growing community in need of moderators. Information: Owners: Sauruz and Tuhru Host: Fragnet (More to edit)

53 Sweden Flag

Welcome to Mhkek's Friendly Survival Server! Read more about Mhkek's Community here: www.Mhkek.com www.Facebook.com/Mhkek www.Steamcommunity.com/groups/Mhkek www.Twitch.tv/Mhkek www.Twitter.com/Mhkek Enjoy your stay and follow the rules! :-) Live World Map: http://www.mhkek.com:8123/

54 Sweden Flag

Join and Stay!

55 Sweden Flag

AwesomeCraft is a fun server with a hinch of Vanilla Minecraft. You have all the fun from Vanilla but with stuff like Factions, Economy, ChestShop and mutch mutch more! NOW WITH TEAM DEATH MATCH & CONQUEST (BF3 STYLE)

56 Sweden Flag

ATTENTION! In order to play on this server, you need to register an account: http://gibb.se/join A server with cities, travels, economy, levels, PvP, custom maps and much more! OBS! För att spela på denna server behöver du registrera ett konto hos oss: http://gibb.se/join En svensk server med st

57 Sweden Flag

Pvp Survival Factions

58 Sweden Flag

Come and have fun on a Minecraft server with little to no admin intervention. Enjoy PVP, factions, raiding, and fun. Have a great time.

59 Sweden Flag

Do you want to play in a survival server with an economy plugin? Well, then this server is good for you! We have a 72-slot server, and it's called Onni's Minecraft Server! Connect to our server. IP is: onniserver.com Owner: onni82

60 Sweden Flag

En whitelistad Svensk 24/7 server Vi söker spelare som är sugna på att spela på våran server. Vi erbjuder Pvp arenor mini spel Egna shopper Events då och då. Egen mining värld Vi har anti greif plugin och det som krävs för att skydda våra byggnader och spelare. Så skicka gärna en ansö

61 Sweden Flag

fun server both survival and creative for members!

62 Sweden Flag

IP: PLAY.SUPERMINE.SE WWW.SUPERMINE.SE WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/MCSUPERMINE - Towny - Bygg en stad eller gå med i en stad som redan finns - Bra Admins och Mods - Events - Bra plugins för att göra servern trevlig och bra - Inget lagg - Jobs

63 Sweden Flag

1.7.2 Welcome to Liberecraft! We are a swedish survival server that offers a fun gameplay. If you thing you are one of us, well stop thinking now and join today! We also give you our own pvp island where's the law has no effect! Build and fight with your friends on this island. Welcome to play with

64 Sweden Flag

Apply for whitelist in our MCForums thread: Ansök om att bli vitlistad i vår MCForums-tråd: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1784249-malomas-snapshot-server Start your launcher, click "edit profile", tick the box enabling snapshots, set it to use latest version, save profile and join us! Star

65 Sweden Flag

Welcome! Cubic Craft is a dedicated server running the latest version of Craftbukkit. We want to give our players the survival experience you felt in "The good old days" mixed with cool plugins, an economy system and much more. We hope that you'll have a great experience here on Cubic Craft. //Admi

66 Sweden Flag

SimJeYY! Have fun in pvp-build, parkour! Easy contact with admin/owner! //SimJeYY

67 Sweden Flag

Då vi bytt serverhost så är den nya ip adressen till servern: mc.ulfbage.com:25965 Ulfcraft är en survival server med en skyddad spawn stad där alla nya som gamla spelare får en gratis tomt om de vill. Vårt mål är att försöka skapa en stor och fin spawn stad som välkomnar alla nya spela

68 Sweden Flag

This is the server that has all that you can ever imagine! A creative plotworld, roleplay survival world, peaceful world, arena world and much more! Fight monsters in the mobarena and battle against other players in the Battlearena. Win cool rewards and compete in contests!

69 Sweden Flag
70 Sweden Flag

Factions, Skyblock,Survival, Creative, KitPvP, MCMMO, Magic, Greenhouses and much more! Friendly community, 24/7 and have fun:D

71 Sweden Flag

Games and Survivalserver with 100 Slots. Welcome in and play and have fun! Dont forget to vote for us and get diamonds and money. Play Spleef, Mobarena and soon many more games. Server uses McMMO and plots. Get in and have fun!

72 Sweden Flag
73 Sweden Flag

Svensk minecraft server JOINA!

74 Sweden Flag

We are a new small survival community with alot of awesome drop parties, and the town is in progress. we have the basic plugins and not anything els, because we want the server to be like minecraft SHOULD and was MADE to be, building, gathering, fighting, but at the moment we have pvp disabled ever

75 Sweden Flag

Welcome to RUTHLESS MC VANILLA! Rules: - Good behavior - Use common sense (don't spawnkill etc.) That's it! The rest, such as PvP, Griefing and raiding is allowed. We have 100 slots, so please bring a friend to survive the hard, cold night! We have a very stable server (hosted by ourselves, 32GB RA