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51 United States Flag

Join us on the server! http://skepticcraft.buycraft.net <----- Click to donate Information: - 30 slots - 24/7 hosted - Premium

Players: 1/35
52 United States Flag

My Username on the server is currently : 03kris03. and we got 2 staffs currently now dundee111, 03kris03 and avitines. we need more staff.s the store is coming soon. i only got website. but no store yet. well i got one, but nothing there to buy yet

Players: 0/100
53 United States Flag

We are a close-knit community of Minecraft players. We value an almost-vanilla Minecraft SMP server experience backed by an inclusive, friendly, dedicated group of players. We strive to enjoy Minecraft together, as friends and fellow survivalists. Sound interesting? We'd love to have you! Whitelist

Players: 0/20
54 United States Flag

We take all suggestions to create the Best Minecraft Prison Server! Custom - Quality - Achievements - Unlocks IP: chaoticprison.org /discord /website A Minecraft Prison Server built with care based off your suggestions! Here's a list of some unique features: Use our Custom Shop GUI! /build Test out

Players: 0/240
55 United States Flag

Raiding, Economy, Factions, McMMO, PVP gaming, come join us on Timeless PvP. SSundee Vs. MrCrainer!

56 United States Flag

Welcome to FallenMC. We are a Factions network divided into multiple sectors. We offer a range of custom features such as true custom enchantments, custom events and a custom factions experience. Our goal is to become the NR.1 Factions network assuring players a ton of fun without being disturbed b

Players: 0/450
57 United States Flag

1.8 to 1.12 Support Play unique competitive Minecraft PVP mini-games ran by our 100% custom plugins including: - Team Deathmatch (TDM) - Capture the Flag (CTF) - King of the Hill (KOTH) - Destroy the Monument (DTM) - Capture the Wool (CTW) - Sky Wars - The Walls / Bridges Avicus was started in 2011

Players: 37/100
58 United States Flag

Team Speak: ts.onepeace.net Looking for a well organized, fun environment to play Minecraft? Look no further! We have what you need to keep you entertained, challenged and satisfied! We pride ourselves on providing you with an exceptional experience when you join. We spend quality time making sure

Players: 6/100
59 United States Flag

We are having problems with server but we will fix them.

Players: 0/30
60 United States Flag

Skyshock is a fun factions creative server with lots of great features. The server is constantly being updated so there will never be a dull moment while you play. At spawn you will find all the portals to access each of our various worlds. They range from Survival, Minigames, factions Creative wor

Players: 0/60
61 United States Flag

Welcome to Noble Craft! We are a 50 slot Survival server with a lot of extras to do on here! We have a lot of stuff for you to do! We have plenty of towns built by our own players and staff! We love doing community events which include drop parties and competitions! To protect your land, you can us

Players: 451/452
62 United States Flag

Factions KitPvP Skywars Creative Skyblock Prison EggWars Mini Games play.mythcraftpvp.com play.mythcraftpvp.com play.mythcraftpvp.com

Players: 68/3000
63 United States Flag

HEROCRAFT MINECRAFT MMORPG SERVER MULTIPLAYER: The Original Heroes RPG Minecraft server. Many Classes to chose from! Paladin, Ranger, Wizard, Cleric and more! Many Professions! Engineer, Smith, Farmer, Merchant and more! Many Skills! Cast Fireball, Backflip, Bolt and 200 more! Custom Mobs and Items

Players: 20/500
64 United States Flag

Welcome to Kalatiko! From having allies, being a lone wolf, to backstabbing. Acquire the best tools and armor to fight off other survivors. Everything is allowed except for hacked clients. Found a base? Raid and grief it! There are no claims, no one is stopping you. You have a massive world to expl

Players: 16/130
65 United States Flag

Harmony Falls is an exclusive white-list server that strives to engage the community and make everyone feel at home. We run a semi-vanilla server without any majorly custom plugins, as we feel the original vanilla feel of Minecraft keeps things from becoming overly complicated and helps to promote

Players: 6/50
66 United States Flag

Griefing, MCMMO/PVP, No Factions - Pure Minecraft! Store your stuff in the Enderchest at spawn - free private item bank!

Players: 3/100
67 United States Flag

Welcome to Skyprison - the prison located thousands of feet high above civilisation. Start your adventure through the sky islands at grass and earn enough money pay the guards off for a transfer to the next island. After sucessfully escaping from the prison, you can then play in prestige where you

Players: 2/50
68 United States Flag

Who are we? We are a highly skilled team of friends ranging from Redstone experts, survival builders, helpers and festival designers! This server is all about an unreal player experience. We are always striving for the coolest new features to bring to a still-survival experience. We offer many play

Players: 1/808
69 United States Flag

Reborn is an casual survival-roleplay server, including a player-made quest/event system, ranks earned through dedicating time, a list of races you can choose from, an economy, PvP, and more. Reborn is in Beta at the moment, meaning that most of the map is set up and it's fully playable.

Players: 0/25
70 United States Flag

The Concept Architecture is a creative server that is made up of several building styles which include Modern, Traditional, Medieval, Fantasy and more! ( no pixel art,statues,redstone builds or more stupid things like that will not get you accepted as builder) There are currently two types of world

Players: 0/20
71 United States Flag


Players: 981/2500
72 United States Flag

SITE: CraftRealms.com IP: mc.CraftRealms.com Hello, Welcome to CraftRealms. We have hit an amazing 50,000 NEW Users in 3 months! We are a fast growing community that welcomes new people at the best of its ability!

Players: 283/512
73 United States Flag

We’re a MC community/family that fully supports Equal Rights for everybody! We are a Survival Server with a twist, you can enjoy the survival aspect of the game with a few good plugins to make life easier! MinecraftBeef has many different things to offer such as; Tree Chop Plugin, Target (Shoppin

Players: 2/100
74 United States Flag

EcoCraft was made by 3 players who love playing the economy game. We are looking for more mature people who enjoy playing with the mechanics of Minecraft. Join the server today at play.ecocraft.us and take a look at out spawn area for more info. Visit our website at www.ecocraft.us

Players: 2/20
75 United States Flag

Welcome to the Star-litten Path. This server is full of friendly staff, varied roleplays, and new opportunities that will keep you on your toes! Once you start roleplaying in our Clans and Tribes, I'm sure you'll love it here. We're excited to have you, so come and join us!

Players: 0/20