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76 Denmark Flag

Yggdrasil is a Survival Server with a taste of Nordic Mythology. Yggdrasil is the name of the world tree connecting the 9 worlds. Asgaard (Survival) is the first world. Explorer Asgaard and find the way to Midgaard (Creative), Alfheim (aSkyBlock), Helheim (Nether) or Muspellheim (Plot world).

Players: 0/10
77 United States Flag

A fun pvp survival server, with Factions, Pets, Rankup, Crates, Shops, Economy, Creative Plots, and more. Ran by older respectable mods/admins, don't expect any drama from us. Some Features Include: Ranks! We have 10 ranks users can rankup using the /rankup command. These ranks unlock new nametags,

Players: 0/300
78 United States Flag

IP: play.VulturePvP.com Website: VulturePvP.com Store: shop.vulturepvp.com Discord: discord.link/VulturePvP.com

79 United States Flag

Welcome to InfiniteHeights! These are some of the features we offer on our Survival Server: - Survival with a large focus on economy - Farm world to gather resources - Auctions, Player Mall and a Virtual Market - Our custom build contests in our Creative Contest World - mcMMO with special skills an

Players: 17/250
80 United States Flag

Welcome to EdgeGamers Organization! We host a 1.12 SpongePowered Minecraft Server and currently offer Survival, Creative, FTB Horizons III, Realism (Realistic Biomes), and host Daily Events! (Races, Minigames, Board Games, and more! )

Players: 11/80

Luxen is a new SMP and Creative Plots server. We have many plugins, including MCMMO, rankup, double jump, essentials, and all that good stuff. The plots are 128x128! Join or you smell.

Players: 4/40
82 United States Flag

Pretty much just a mcMMO-free survival server, with: - Factions, EssentialsEco, (simplified), PvP, Creative(in a separate world), and the general survival commands, such as teleportation and homes.

Players: 0/50
83 Denmark Flag

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Players: 0/1001
84 United States Flag

OP Prison Server Good Staff and Great Community I hope you have a good time!

Players: 0/20
85 United States Flag

ANiHost's new server! We are brand new, but we are great! we have many amazing plugins, such as economy, worldedit, multiverse, Auto-Rankup(fun!) we are ALWAYS recruiting, but DO NOT ask for staff, or items! :) Hope to see you there!

Players: 0/24

Spigot server, often updated: SMP, Creative, Factions, Slimefun, Minigames and much more! Owner's usually around, ask away for help ^_^ This server has been made to be a friendly and fun place to stay. Staff and players find themselves with a mix of cool features, tools, serenity and helpfulness. A

Players: 0/50
87 United States Flag

A server that has Town, Creative, Creative Plots, and much more! just join to see! then you might see me you could be staff you need to join for that this is why this is the server of your dreams!

Players: 0/500
88 United States Flag

Feral Falls is a furry server that is continuing the legacy of the old popular furry server, The Fox Box. We're a friendly bunch of furries who love to build and chat. we have strict rules against griefing and our staff are always quick to solve problems and answer questions. Drama is never tolerat

Players: 6/100
89 Germany Flag

Gamestrike.de dein 1.11.2 Server, wir haben einfach fast Alles :D kommt drauf :) IP: Gamestrike.de TS3: Voice.Gamestrike.de Homepage: WWW.Gamestrike.de

Players: 3/50
90 Croatia Flag

Join us and have fun! :) Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/robminecrafters

Players: 2/150
91 United States Flag

This is a nice server with cheap donator ranks! (15% discount on all ranks, use "Spring" coupon code)

Players: 0/30

Stirebuild is a minecraft server with both a Towny Survival World and a Plot Creative World. There's also a Mob Arena where you can win special armor and a in-game shop where you can buy blocks and items.

Players: 0/20
93 United Kingdom Flag

ZumaCraft is a brand new Faction PVP server that's gunno be around for a while so why not join us? :-)

Players: 0/60
94 United Kingdom Flag

Join our server now, and immerse yourself in the ultimate Minecraft experience! Here we have the best community in Minecraft. This is why we pride ourselves in having the perfect balance of players to make sure everyone feels at home. No matter who you are at what age, we are the place for you! Jus

Players: 40/120
95 United States Flag

TownyAge: The Ultimate Towny Experience. A mature Minecraft community with a player based economy. Always looking for more staff and adding more features. Some of our features include: Free Ranks, Towny, McMMO, Jobs, Marriage, MiniGames (getting revamped currently for 1.12), Creative World (unlock

Players: 27/350

Start your Journey TODAY!   Pure Realms is a network of fresh and lag-free Minecraft servers. Pure Realms has been around for over 5 years, therefore our management team has unique skills to bring all of our wonderful players the best experience possible. We strive to be the best!

Players: 14/100
97 United States Flag

mcMMO Custom Quests plugin Anti Grief Chest Protection Factions world Survival world Creative world Earn your ranks! Not pay to win. Can you conquer the 3d maze? Come check it all out, have fun, chill with us, and play minecraft! Relaxing and just enjoying the game. In efCraft, you can donate to re

Players: 2/32
98 United States Flag

Venomous Craft is a community with spirit and always open for new people. Our staff are friendly and you can always feel free to ask them a question, no matter how big or how small, every one has a spot and a say over here. We have had such great responses from people playing our server, and how ev

Players: 1/100
99 United States Flag

Growing Survival server with Towny, Infernals, Skyblocks, and much more to come. A strong community with dedicated staff always quick to help and resolve any issues. We look forward to seeing you in-game.

Players: 0/96
100 United States Flag

Since 2011, The Grotto has been providing a fun server for players of all sizes. Come join our great community and play in one of two great worlds. Survival World We offer a classic survival world with the added features of towns and player shops! Our survival is scaled back too with optional pvp.

Players: 0/60