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1076 United States Flag

Welcome to The Liquid Network. We currently are running factions and creative but are open to other ideas. We welcome you to our server, we do not need staff only dedicated players. Our Staff is fair, professional and active. If you have any questions, ask one of them. We treat all members with dig

Players: 0/10

Hallo und willkommen auf dem Servereintrag von TheFutureMiners Unser Server ist ein ";Mittlerer"; Server auf dem man einfach im Freebuild/Survival entspannen kann. Einige ";wichtige"; Plugins runden das Angebot und die Sicherheit ab. Viele wichtige PlugIns wie: LWC, WorldGuard, etc. sind vorhanden

1078 Spain Flag

Network PvP No Premium. Servidor Full Factions, PotPvP, FullPvP, Hardcore Factions... Y mucho más. Comunidad profesional dedicada al PvP de primer nivel. Factions Wars, KOTHs, staff activo, 0 Lagg (host central), Crates... Nuestro servidor Factions se centra en Raiding y PvP, facilitando las labor

1079 Canada Flag

Welcome to BlupCraft! Started in June of 2015, we are a relatively brand new server. We offer a non PVP, anti-grief server with a great community as well as great staff! We will go out of our way to make sure you are comfortable and welcome. Since we are a new server, suggestions are always welcome

1080 United States Flag

We're the one million gamers from i bet 1,000,000 gamers will like this page on Fb. We have helpful staff and friendly players. We have factions for people that likes to teamup and antigriefplugin for people who wants to go solo. You can also choose from playing in Creative world or in survival. We

1081 Turkey Flag

Merhaba, Oyuncu! Serverımıza Katılman dileği ile Real Craft artik 1.7.2 sürümünde! Serverimizde Bekleriz! IP : real.nitrado.net

1082 United Kingdom Flag

Brand new server ! FREE VIP the first month ! Survival - McMMO - PVE - Hyperconomy - Auction House - Ships - No Grief - NO RESET Friendly

1083 United States Flag

Welcome to Dimension Seven! We believe in fostering a fair, clean, and fun environment for our players. Dimension Seven is a multiverse server divided into four categories: Survival, PvP, Adventure, and Creative. Economies are shared across worlds. Use your survival skills to buy sweet gear and sho

1084 United States Flag

Welcome to Astaria! Formerly known as, Persian World, we vouch to have the most realistic city on minecraft! With gigantic buildings and a friendly staff, we have all sorts of buildings ranging from skyscrapers, to boats, to rollercoasters, to airplanes, and to even the Statue of Liberty (Monuments

1085 United Kingdom Flag

Hello and welcome to the HyperSpeed network! We are a new Network that is focused around you, the player. The founders of this network are all passionate people, and also were players probably just like you looking for a network that was as close as possible to perfect. The search for such a server

1086 United States Flag

Small, friendly, factions, survival server. We have pets, special mob drops, parkour, quests, and so much more. Come by and and say hello! 1.8

Players: 0/5
1087 United States Flag

A server well based off of Skyrim! Join for a formatted Survival based off of Skyrim thanks to our dear friend Enderman's End! Also join for plenty of Minigames and more! Join today!

1088 Indonesia Flag

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1089 United States Flag

On Panda Craft you can have fun surviving the world of monsters and other dangers, play lots of fun mini games in our theme park, play survival games, accept many fun challenges, and so much more! Best of all, PANDAS!! Become part of our team of Panda-Crafters and play today. mc.ftec.net

1090 United States Flag

This a great Factions Raiding server with lots of other things to do, we are a anarchy raid server, with custom enchants, mcmmo, A market to be shopped with commands such as /shop buy and /shop sell, We have silk spawners so you can build grinders as you please, We just started out but we are growi

1091 United States Flag

We have custom mobs with a special custom map and more to be added. Our server is still work in progress but wile you wait for our RPG and prison parts to be out we have out custom survival map to keep you indulged for hours of game play. Don forget we update as quickly as possible to keep you intr

1092 United Kingdom Flag

Welcome to Block World Block World is a new Minecraft server with a large variety of game modes Still highly WIP. These game modes include: - Creative Plot World - SkyBlock - Survival World - Minigames - Parkour Some notable facts about are server are: - We have an active community - Friendly staff

1093 Netherlands Flag

Wanna play on the best server? play on Hypercraft! Games on the server: -Survival -Creative -factions ( in 1 month on the server) -Kingdom ( also in a short time on the server) -Minigames -pvp -knockback platform If you want to play, just join, you might like the server, and like everyone :P Greetz

1094 United Kingdom Flag

Come Join The great SquidCraft today, Great staff, Great MInigames, Loads of fun and players with some respect. We have Creative, Factions, Skyblock, KitPVP, Parkour , We are Looking for staff and Good ones to improve our server even More! We hope we see you soon! The SquidCraft Ower, ToxicSquiddy.

1095 United States Flag

Factions || Elimination || Creative || *Soon* Prison || PvP || A friendly attractive server with mature staff and friendly but dangerous players, we are a Factions / PvP / Elimination / Creative / and Yet to come Prison! FactionHustlers.us


This server is very Difficult server! If you love HARD GAMES, come on! Can you no death in this server?( ̄∀ ̄)

Players: 0/100

Lonestar MC is a brand new server that you are destined to love! Our beautiful hub server currently leads to servers such as -Factions -Creative - Skyblock With more to come! With custom coded plugins, a dynamic economy and tons of room to explore why not join us at play.lonestarmc.com

1098 United States Flag

Good Time Everyone Join Blockheads Now! IP: play.blockheads.com Come join our Multiverse community. Where everyone has a world to choose from. PVP: A world of adventure and danger. Fight and Build you way to Victory. Creative: Let your Creativity flow as you build amazing builds and creations. Surv

1099 United States Flag

Of all our game types Factions is our first, in out servers we promise a unique experience for all players and we are always working on our servers. /Vote For Shards! (Server Wide Currency) - Factions +First Unique server on our network and full of surprises, custom cannons, huge explosions, and we

1100 United States Flag

Facimus is a server that aims for the best player experience possible. Our staff are relatable and always reachable, and we will try to fix any bugs or unfairness that may occur during your playtime. We feature - Factions A creative plotworld featuring minecraft terrain! Coming soon - MineZ - Econo