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76 United States Flag

We have Factions, Survival, Creative, And Parkour. We have super friendly staff and are becoming a better community.

Players: 0/20
77 United Kingdom Flag

Hey Guys This Is Our New Server we are looking for staff and are willing to co-operate with players we are very friendly and love to chat so come join this hardcore raiding server :p also we are open to suggestions such and spawn server plugins and loads of other awesome stuff. Now You Can Vote For

Players: 0/10
78 United States Flag

Hey there! We are offering a 24/7 uptime, zero lag, unique servers, a friendly community, amazing buildings & ddos protection to ensure that you are given the best experience while playing here with us. So what are you waiting for? Come and have fun with us at the IP: Powercraft.me Twitter:

Players: 30/100
79 Taiwan Flag


Players: 8/60

TheReawakens is a creative build server, we make Timelapses and creation videos of builds on our server, we do also have a survival world

Players: 4/1337
81 Netherlands Flag

Wij zijn een nieuwe server, met Survival, Creative en Kingdom. Gamemodes en minigames voor de toekomst: Parkour, Factions, Skywars, Eggwars en meer. Wij zijn nog opzoek naar builders, dus kom gerust een kijkje nemen! We are a new server with Survival, Creative and Kingdom. Gamemodes and minigames v

Players: 4/1000
82 United States Flag

Carnage craft is a new server that has a bunch of rewards for players to compete and race to get different sets and become the top faction!

Players: 1/1000
83 United Kingdom Flag

Welcome to BroCraft Gaming! Here on BroCraft, we offer a variety of gamemodes, tailored to every players' liking! On BroCraft you can find Games, (e.g. Spleef & SkyWars), Survival (Factions), Creative Plots, and much more! Come join us today at: brocraftlive.net! ===========================

Players: 0/999
84 United Kingdom Flag

We are a brand new server, with staff from builders to admins. We do not need any staff yet, but as we grow we will be looking. If you want a good all round mini games server, then pop in and say Hi. We currently have 6 SkyWars maps, and AskyBlocks. Will be ading more soon.

Players: 0/20
85 Australia Flag

Anarchy Factions - Next to no rules - New map - PVP - Raiding - Anarchy - Player Owned Shops - Factions - Silk Spawners

Players: 0/100
86 United States Flag

SuperizeeMC is a Faction/PvP server. We have shops, auctions and user kits. Work your way through the ranks. Survive, build, and craft your way to success, or simply donate. Join Superizee.com now!

Players: 0/200
87 United Kingdom Flag

Thank you so much for clicking on this page. Without further ado, here are the basic facts about the server. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Great, friendly, and small Community! - Creative & Survival - Unique experience that no ot

Players: 0/60
88 United Kingdom Flag

Welcome To KaosCraft, We have been running servers since Feb 2012, weve had a great result from running these server, so now weve thought why not make KaosCraft bigger! So we have, We have upgraded to a "Hub" server with 16GB ram! We are now running 4 servers! Towny: Kaoscraft is known for our town

Players: 0/100
89 United States Flag

Hey Welcome To RealCraft Join To Make Your Minecraft Life Mutch Beter. We Got PvP- free Build Vanilla Wild-Shop-Ranks That Gives U Permission To Gamemode,Extra Kit, Fly, Jump, And More Feel Free To Join We Got A Webbsite That U Can Share Whit Your Friends  https://clanforge.multiplay.co.uk/serve

Players: 0/8
90 United States Flag

Becto.net is an unique network. You will find custom mobs and boss monsters, and a lot of content you have never seen before on any other server. Try it out today!

Players: 850/2000
91 United States Flag

OP Factions (CE) Network! Come join us, we're constantly launching unique updates to our Network! - DAILY, FACTION AND SERVER MISSIONS - F TOP REWARD - SUPPLY DROPS - KOTH - FACTION WARS - GOOD ANTI-CHEAT What's stopping you? Come on and join the fight!

Players: 72/150
92 United States Flag

CubeBuilders is a server with friendly players and staff members. How to play? Create or join a faction, gather players, and build together! Many factions are invite only, so ask in chat or better yet - create your own faction and ask new players to join you. Faction owners and moderators can claim

Players: 13/1000
93 Canada Flag

Factions, cool spawn, kits, ranks and much more - and that's just to start! We're looking to grow and create an amazing server and community for all players alike! Ranks for you to rank up to, kits to pick and raid bases, cheap donator ranks to support the server and get an edge over others - and s

Players: 6/100
94 United States Flag

MineSplit is currently a network consisting of OP Factions, Skyblock and HCF. Some of our features include: [+] Very well configured [+] Custom [+] Rankups [+] 4 Daily KOTHs [+] Events [+] Coinflip [+] Jackpot [+] CE Books, Dust and Scrolls [+] Weekly updates Store: http://store.minesplit.com Disco

Players: 0/200
95 United States Flag

Oxycraft is a Standard Survival Bukkit server, with cool admins and moderators. We have a fun community and the staff members are plain awesome. Come join the fun at Oxycraft!

Players: 0/20
96 Spain Flag

Servidor Minecraft actualizado Con Todo Lo Que te puedas Imaginar y mas from creativo del hasta PVP, incluyendo juegos. Podras Disfrutar de La Mejor Experiencia en Minecraft, Y además podras Hablar Con NOSOTROS POR Nuestro a ts (Team Speak) Privado (ts.geomecraft.com). Disfrutaras De Una Gran Vari

Players: 0/20
97 United Kingdom Flag

Myrescape is a 24/7 faction PvP server with no lag! Rules: [1] Do not use profitabke game modifications, also known as 'hacks' in this server [2] Respect other players [3] No excessive swearing [4] No excessive capitalization [5] Do not question the staff's decisions. Reasonable input is always app

Players: 0/2
98 United States Flag

IP: PowerFul-MC.Net ======================== Welcome! Unleash your excitement into the best server yet! - This server is up 24/7 and invites every player to participate in a number of epic servers and mini-games! - The Things that u can do alone or with other players is awesome! - Amazing updated p

Players: 0/1000
99 United States Flag

This server is called McToday, we are currently in 1.7.10 but we may soon be 1.8 or more, we have very kind staffs that play often, the owner of the server is JustinPlayzMC_13, you might see his name as Justin on the server, we have factions,survival,creative plots/creative freebuild, minigames (co

Players: 0/20
100 United Kingdom Flag

Welcome to the Plexium Network! We host a variety of different gamemodes including Factions, SMP and Creative plots. We are proudly Non Pay-To-Win, meaning you don't need to spend money to become number 1. Factions: In Factions you claim land as your own and build your base. Leaders control who can

Players: 0/70