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26 United States Flag

Factions KitPvP Skywars Creative Skyblock Prison EggWars Mini Games play.mythcraftpvp.com play.mythcraftpvp.com play.mythcraftpvp.com

Players: 68/3000
27 United States Flag

Welcome to Skyprison - the prison located thousands of feet high above civilisation. Start your adventure through the sky islands at grass and earn enough money pay the guards off for a transfer to the next island. After sucessfully escaping from the prison, you can then play in prestige where you

Players: 2/50
28 Germany Flag

Viele verschiedene Spiele wie: SkyWars, BedWars, PvP, MiniGames, Plots und vieles mehr! Jetzt spielen!

Players: 0/2000
29 United States Flag

IP: pixel.un-linked.com Easy way to install pixelmon: http://un-linked.com/install Our pixelmon server offers you the ultimate gaming experience: * Our server never lags at all * We have mounts and double jump so you can travel a lot faster! * Backpacks * PokeSell (safe way to sell pokemon) * Our g

Players: 115/1000

The best custom server: * Private World at First Login * Unlimited Customization * Make Your Own Mods * Sky Wars * TNT Run * ...and much more

Players: 480/10000
31 United States Flag

A kitpvp server that has a lot of kits that are all related to memes. We are a growing server that likes the idea of unlocking more kits as you play and we based it around dank memes! Join now if you like PvP and dank memes! The server is 1.8 - 1.11 so if you like to use 1.8 it's fine to join.

Players: 3/420
32 France Flag

DLAV Club is a small server that welcomes new players, we have a multitude of activities on the server to keep you busy! We have a a modded and vanilla server, Bedwars, UHC competitions, Parkour, cross server Economy where you gain currency from playing the various games and competitions on the ser

Players: 3/70
33 United Kingdom Flag

Welcome to The Forgotten District Server! This Server will consist of many game modes, along with fun activities, events and competitions! We currently have Survival and Skyblock up and running. More game modes e.c.t will be added as the server progresses.

Players: 0/80
34 United States Flag

This is a friendly server where you are welcomed to come and build. You can join other people or build on your own. We have a separate factions world if that is your thing. We have a bunch of Mini Games from team death match games, racing games, Hunger Games, Parkour and many more!

Players: 0/120
35 United Kingdom Flag

Hello and welcome to spinkraft. What's in Spinkraft you may as, -SG -Skywars -Splegg -GTA world -Game Mode 1 World And more what are you waiting for join now!


Semi-Vanilla Survival, Creative, Minigames and mature community! Our community is small, but close-knit and is comprised of an experienced and mature adult staff. Our staff and players create a helpful and friendly gaming environment for all. We strive to create the best gaming experience for our p

Players: 0/100
37 United Kingdom Flag

EggWars, Survival, SkyWars, SpeedBuilders, UHC, SkyBlock, Creative, BuildBattle, KitPVP, Pets, Trails and much more!

Players: 5/800
38 United Kingdom Flag

The Diversion Network is a great Minigame server. With active staff, original games and a nice community, this is the place to be. Our current Minigames are: - MonumentRush (Destroy the other teams monuments while defending yours) - Skywars (Loot chests and bridge to other islands to eliminate all

Players: 0/100
39 United States Flag

Welcome everyone to VelocityPvP. Here at VelocityPvP we make sure to take care of our players like family. We are a huge network that are expanding almost weekly. Right now we are holding kitPvP and developing a Skyblock server. Fell free to hop on the server and maybe donate to boost the communiti

Players: 0/100
40 United States Flag

Legion Servers features various game types such as PvP mini-games, tower defense, and anarchy survival. Come check us out - IP: mc-l.net

Players: 0/250

Kaoshkraft Network - The home of the Kaoshkraft Server & Kaoshkraft SMP Server! We have ton of cool features for you to enjoy, Creative, Factions, Survival & Mini games. Also with a host of Youtubers who play regularly and who are apart of the Kaoshkraft Youtube SMP

Players: 61/250
42 Poland Flag

Serwer GC2 Frakcje + SkyBlock + Minigry Wyjątkowe, autorskie pluginy, oraz generatory światów. Zapraszamy! IP: gc2.pl /// gc2.mcsw.pl

Players: 18/2000
43 Poland Flag

Welcome to JasMC JasMC is server-type minigames, where you can play: - SkyWars - Tobiko - Mine Wars - Lucky Block - Skyblock On the server are still added new game modes. To play on this server does not have to be a premium. The server is NOT P2W

Players: 17/1000
44 United States Flag

Opgta is new gtamc remake with alot op/custom guns and enchants. Its very easy to gey rich! Prospect giveaway every week For news: gtamc is gta in minecraft! You get guns jetpacks... grenades drugs... Its very fun gamemode! I have played it the last 3 years and now choosed to try make gta server my

Players: 5/6969
45 Spain Flag

Meriland es una comunidad de Minecraf Survival que nació el 16 de septiembre del 2011, que gracias a la participación de gente -tanto para bien como para mal- han creado lo que hoy es. Es un servidor que se rige por el respeto y la amabilidad entre usuarios del mismo como de la participación ent

Players: 4/75
46 Spain Flag

Compatible con la 1.12. Servidor survival (no premium) con plugins de pago y únicos para garantizar una experiencia única para el jugador. El servidor usa el plugin de protección Residence. Cada dia puedes obtener una Mystery Box mediante el comando /kit. Obtén un Spawner Mystery Box gratuito e

Players: 1/21
47 United States Flag

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Looking for a unique skyblock server with lots of different kinds of gamemode ? well, you're here because Void Flare provided custom enchantments, skills, mobarena with awesome rewards, isla

Players: 0/500
48 United Kingdom Flag

KaosHub Gaming Community was founded early 2012. KaosHub was created to have our own servers and community to give gamers the best gaming environment they can have, KaosHub was originally called KaosCraft! Our Minecraft server includes; [x] McMMO [x] Mob Arena [x] Custom Biomes [x] Custom Enchantme

Players: 0/100
49 United States Flag

Hello and welcome to BestDwarfCow! Best name evar right! We have minigames and survival/factions also more to come! So hop on in!

Players: 0/60

NemeGaming is a network of Minecraft servers that has been around since November of 2011. We have experience with hosting fun, popular Minecraft servers! Our current servers: - OP Factions - Creative - OP Prison - Drug Wars - Kit-PvP - SkyBlock - Survival - UHC - PvP Minigames Join now at hub.neme.

Players: 453/454