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76 United States Flag

Minesplash----> Minesplash allows any player to assume a role in the town of Rosendar, the capital of a country that is rich with history. Help the citizens of the town complete quests and jobs, and also develop relationships with the other players on the server. Our server allows players to

Players: 45/300
77 Philippines Flag

This is U-Craft, a server community founded, made and owned by John_0714. We would like to give everyone a unique minecraft experience to enjoy together with your friends. In this community we try to achieve a goal of friendship between people of various trends and personalities to help build a str

Players: 0/20
78 United States Flag

Economy Survival | Hunger Games | Factions | Custom Minigames | Skyblock | Creative | KitPvP | Skywars | Capture the Flag | MineZ | NO LAG | 99% uptime | Leaderboards

Players: 382/2016
79 Philippines Flag

A fast growing Southeast Asia Server where different cultures merged After a series of reform, BattleAsya has gradually transformed from a dedicate server for both Malaysians and Filipinos, into a gaming network for Southeast Asian. We are very glad to see players from different corners in the Asia

Players: 118/250
80 United States Flag

Vanilla survival with a few twists, Dungeons, PVE, PVP-Arena and more! Custom plugins to bring you a unique multiplayer experience. Item based Emerald Economy, and server credits to use at shops in spawn. Featuring a random warp room [at spawn] to get you lost way out into the wilderness. You'll ne

Players: 5/200
81 United States Flag

Server Address: play.scottlandstudios.com Website: http://scottlandstudios.com Subreddit: /r/scottlandstudios Version: 1.10.2 Description: Scottland Studios is the official Minecraft Network of ZackScottGames. The server was officially launched March 10, 2014. The server has recently been reworked

Players: 4/300
82 United Kingdom Flag

vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ---------------> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PH4EAjtzjQ <------------- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Players: 4/500
83 United States Flag

Clashing Factions is a hardcore, PvP, Raiding Server with lots of fun plugins and great staff! Here at Clashing Factions we strive to produce a more mature factions experience. We have the best combat logger plugin out there and will not tolerate ANY hackers! Have a nice day!

Players: 0/25
84 United Kingdom Flag

SquidRealms - A fun place to meet new friends and play minecraft. We have a number of worlds, Survival, Factions, Creative, PlotMe, SurvivalGames and a custom Skyblock!

Players: 0/50
85 United States Flag

Premium IP: PowerFul-MC.Net Cracked IP: Cracked.PowerFul-MC.Net Offline.PowerFul-MC.Net ======================== Welcome! Unleash your excitement into the best server yet! - Our Server has Creative, OP-Prison, Prison, SkyGrid, RankWorld, SkyGrid, SkyBlock, Survival, Factions, Classic SkyBlock, Mini

Players: 0/1000
86 Canada Flag

A faction base, pvp enable fun server

Players: 20/200
87 Germany Flag

TimberLife Deine Chance auf ein neues Leben in einem aufregenden Land! Ziehe in eine Stadt, suche dir einen Job, bau dir ein eigenes Leben auf! Tritt unserer tollen Roleplay-Community bei und du findest einen großartigen Ort vor - DEIN Zuhause. Für weitere Infos oder um einfach mal zu quatschen b

Players: 13/48
88 United States Flag

[COMPATABLE WITH 1.8 - 1.12 clients] Emerald Prison is an OP Prison server which is based on the classic game of prison with some twists. Your goal is normal, to rank up the highest and then prestige, but there are many ways you can accomplish this. You can gamble your money, or play minigames inst

Players: 10/45
89 Bulgaria Flag

Легендарния сървър на 1.7 е онлайн пак Residence,PvP,Creative,Jobs,Buyhouse Евенти Всеки Петък,Събота,Неделя от 20:00 Мега Евент Само от Неделя 20:00 и още какво няма елате и забавлявайте!

Players: 2/200
90 United Kingdom Flag

Minecraft 4 Nerds is a server that accommodates a community of different play styles, whether you think you got what it takes to survive the wilderness or test your crafting skills in creative mode with our relaxed permissions allowing for minimal restrictions to fully unleash crafters of all age

Players: 2/25
91 United States Flag

Welcome, come join this server that is now in 1.8.

Players: 2/50
92 United Kingdom Flag

Welcome to BroCraft Gaming! Here on BroCraft, we offer a variety of gamemodes, tailored to every players' liking! On BroCraft you can find Games, (e.g. Spleef & SkyWars), Survival (Factions), Creative Plots, and much more! Come join us today at: brocraftlive.net! ===========================

Players: 0/999
93 Netherlands Flag

DayLightCraft Survival + KitPVP + Creative Geen PVP in normale wereld. We gebruiken griefprevention om grievers te voorkomen. PVP in nether en end. Play.DayLightCraft.com We gebruiken discord om te communiceren. De server is al meer dan 2 jaar actief.

Players: 0/50
94 United States Flag

This is a very cool minigame server that has been in development for a week now. I think it's finally time to release it. YouTubers will be creating series on this server. Besides all of that stuff... there is a good economy.

Players: 0/100
95 United States Flag

Welcome to DrWhoCraft! We are a small, friendly 24/7 server. We also have TARDISes bigger on the inside! Learn more about us at drwhocraft.webs.com

Players: 0/80
96 United Kingdom Flag

IP: mcstrike.net - (NO MODS REQUIRED!) MCStrike is a gun gamemode server dedicated to making guns in Minecraft feel fun! It's developed by The Noxcrew and currently includes: Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, Mutated (Infected), clans (With clan leaderboards), 4 classes, 55 lev

Players: 0/1000
97 United States Flag

Intelyc is one of the most advanced and professional Minecraft server out there, next to our HCF and Prison servers we also have a lot variety of mini games you can choose from. We have a highly trained staff team here to make your experience on Intelyc an unforgettable one.

98 United States Flag

OpiaNetwork The home of Mydoeza and ShadowApples, featuring a variety of unique features... CONNECT TODAY AT PLAY.OPIAMC.NET

Players: 61/1208
99 United States Flag

Welcome to the Crazy Pig Family Friendly Minecraft Server. Crazy Pig is a Minecraft Server network run by an international community of parents, with the aim of providing a safe and friendly environment suitable for players of all ages. -LOBBY. Where everyone arrives, and where you can access all t

Players: 31/100
100 United States Flag

CubeBuilders is a server with friendly players and staff members. How to play? Create or join a faction, gather players, and build together! Many factions are invite only, so ask in chat or better yet - create your own faction and ask new players to join you. Faction owners and moderators can claim

Players: 13/1000