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101 Australia Flag

UnknownSurvival is a PVE Semi-Vanilla Survival Server, it has friendly staff and we would like you to join to expand our community our staff are Australian so they will not always be on

Players: 3/100
102 United States Flag

[1.10] [Wiped 12/4/14] [24/7] [Survival] [Bukkit] [Ranks] [Economy] [Shops] [Protections] [Anti Grief Tools] [Helpful Staff] [Friendly Community] - Run using CraftBukkit plugins, so theres endless possibilities! - Multiple ranks for you to earn! - Economy and shops to buy and sell items! - Block an

Players: 2/68

BaaaCraft is a friendly, mature, survival community started by 3 adult friends in Sept 2013. We're a laid back and fun server with a balanced economy, auctions and several options to keep you from getting bored, including community projects and monthly contests. We offer rewards for voting, a dynma

Players: 1/1
104 United States Flag

SovereignRP is a survival-roleplay based server, located in California, United States. The survival part of the server offers you and your buddies to create a Faction, claim land, build your empire, then gather your team and fight the dangerous monsters of the night. Survival also has a small twist

Players: 0/100
105 Australia Flag

Palterra is a friendly cracked vanillaesk bucket server. This server has everything from basic minecraft survival to spleef, pvp arenas and so much more. Palterra is a fledgling small but friendly community. Why don't you come on with us and try it out.

Players: 0/20
106 Spain Flag

Servidor de Minecraft con numerosos minijuegos como Destruye el Nexo, MegaWalls, Defiende la villa, Pve, Pvp, KitPvp, Hungergames, PizzaSpleef, 1vs1 y muchos más.

Players: 640/641
107 United Kingdom Flag

Play Minecraft As It Should Be Played! Build, survive, suffer or prosper all by yourself or with friends. Terrestria is a friendly, survival, non-pvp server with amazingly helpful staff. We don't have Factions or Towny etc we just focus on good ol' building and having fun. Griefing, raiding, sweari

Players: 11/85
108 United States Flag

-No whitelist, Guests can build, you can protect your stuff -Economy system with shops and rewards -Jobs, classes and ranks -Survival, Freebuild! JOIN US AND HAVE FUN!

Players: 4/20
109 United States Flag

Info: Our Minecraft Network was started in May 2017, averaging over 50 new users a week. We currently offer the following gamemodes; Survival 1, 2 and Hardcore. Players who join our Minecraft network typically stay thanks to our awesome community and well maintained and lag-free Minecraft experienc

Players: 3/999
110 United States Flag

MOO-CRAFT centres around pvp and legit survival. We have a simple spawn that allows people to easily get to the pvp quickly. We have no borders so you can travel as far out as you want to ensure your base is safe from being raided. No factions either, so raiding is just like vanilla Minecraft raidi

Players: 2/60
111 United States Flag

Build at Night is a building focused, semi-vanilla server with a friendly active player base and a mature staff. Ranks and additional permissions are earned by building structures, we do NOT take donations. The main world is Survival. Contests are usually held in a separate Creative world.

Players: 1/100
112 United States Flag

A new survival/creative server. We have downloaded a medieval castle for players to play on while we develop our spawn and are constantly accepting people to help develop.

Players: 0/70
113 United Kingdom Flag

We're a friendly PvE survival server. As a community, we've been together now for over four years. We've built amazing structures together, designed colossal PVP arenas and used redstone to create the most amazing of games and mob arenas; and we're still going with that blend of near-vanilla gamepl

Players: 0/100
114 United States Flag

Hello! Welcome To Imagination Empire! We Are a survival, pvp, towny, economy server. we have jobs. We recommend using this texture/resource pack: http://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/hdrealms/ we also have: Mini-Games (coming soon) Creative world (in creation) quests VIP world and shop Multi

Players: 0/20
115 Sweden Flag

Svensk minecraft server, trevliga spelare

Players: 0/6
116 United States Flag

A completely unique open world gamemode - Custom built map - Custom RPG items and loot - Unique weapon system - Leveling and abilities - Bosses - Player Housing - Economy and marketplace

Players: 38/100
117 United States Flag

Hera Way is a semi-vanilla family-friendly Minecraft server with an Ancient Greek theme based on a few key plugins with some special custom features. Based almost entirely on vanilla Minecraft, we have balanced all custom items and mobs to fit in perfectly with the normal Minecraft environment. Our

Players: 15/51
118 Brazil Flag

Hu3Server Cracked Survival | /register password email | Option to enable autologin from mojang /premium or disable to back to cracked account: /unpremium | Plugins: MyPet, SlimeFun, InfernalMobs | Everthing Vanilla is Working | AntiGrief: GriefPrevention + RedProtection | ip addressr: hu3.mojang.co

Players: 12/100
119 United States Flag

IP: play.svmc.co Looking to make new friends? Tired of being annoyed by misbehaving players? Sick off all the drama some multiplayer servers may bring? Are you just looking for a great server to settle down in? Well look no further, friend!!! Shimmerville is the server for you! We've got fun player

Players: 8/120
120 United States Flag

Our Server is full of wonderful experiences. We have SMP and CMP, Creative has its own separate Ranks, these are FREE to earn, though to earn them you must gather up Builder-Points by building! Our server also has a few mini games access them with /travel. The server also has custom plugin's made s

Players: 4/500
121 United Kingdom Flag

Humble Pie takes the vanilla survival experience and adds some new flavours! There are nearly half a million chunks to explore in our epic custom world map. Raid ancient temples in the middle of uncharted deserts or survive the night in twisted and ghostly corrupted forests. Level up your mcMMO ski

Players: 2/50
122 Australia Flag

After a request to bring the server back online, ive updated the website and server to the latest versions! Loyle is Back once again, come and enjoy minecraft on loyle with access to the Loyle Store (Essentials Economy System) It will make building soo much easier! To access the store you simply ha

Players: 1/20
123 Malaysia Flag

Selamat Datang ke Destinycraft Malaysia! - Survival DESTINYCRAFT - sebuah server yang diasaskan oleh Luqman aka iskndradelyna. Server ini mempunyai satu gamemode iaitu Survival. Survival kami akan memberi anda satu pengalaman yang baru yang tidak pernah anda rasai. Kami baru sahaja dibuka dan sedan

Players: 0/200
124 United States Flag

SERVER INFORMATION Server IP: mc.minefrex.eu Server Port: 25565 Website: minefrex.enjin.com Ontime: 24/7 Server Version: Spigot 1.12 Gamemode: Survival PVE WEBSTORE: http://minefrex.buycraft.net/ Hope you see you in!

Players: 0/100
125 Russia Flag

Комфортный сервер сделанный с любовью! Заходите! Напишите /info на сервере чтоб получить информацию о интересностях сервера! Мы ждем вас! Крутой спавн! Самописные пл

Players: 0/9999