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101 Canada Flag

We are a semi-vanilla raiding and griefing server with the protection of claims for those who want it. We also have tougher than normal mobs! Even claims don't protect against everything. Will you be the one that finds a way to loot and destroy everything or will you be the one that finds a way to

Players: 0/40
102 United States Flag

Server Features: - Shiny Starters & Random Shiny Upon join - 5x Spawn Rates - 2x Experience Gain - Daily Login Rewards - Halved Amount of Steps for Egg Hatching - Riding Enabled - EV Training Area Available To Everyone - EVs/IVs Command Available To Everyone - Breeding Command Available To

Players: 0/90
103 Canada Flag

Welcome to SimplyMC, a simple minecraft server! We are a friendly towny economy server, with a bunch of extra plugins to enhance your experience! Come join us today!

Players: 0/24
104 United Kingdom Flag

Welcome to The Forgotten District Server! This Server will consist of many game modes, along with fun activities, events and competitions! We currently have Survival and Skyblock up and running. More game modes e.c.t will be added as the server progresses.

Players: 0/80
105 United States Flag

VICIOUSCRAFT _____________________________________________________________ ViciousCraft is a fairly new server, we bring to the table the following SERVERS: HUB/Survival - Spawn into the network and check out the goodies all around, included on the HUB is survival. Jump in to survival by leaving HU

Players: 0/1000
106 United Kingdom Flag

Welcome to Sharp Prison, a unique Prison experience with lots to offer. On our server we aim to provide a friendly community where all players can mine and have fun together. The features that make up Sharp Prison include: - Auctions - Black Markets - Custom Crates - Custom PVP Arena - Leaderboards

Players: 0/200
107 United States Flag

This is a friendly server where you are welcomed to come and build. You can join other people or build on your own. We have a separate factions world if that is your thing. We have a bunch of Mini Games from team death match games, racing games, Hunger Games, Parkour and many more!

Players: 0/120

Semi-Vanilla Survival, Creative, Minigames and mature community! Our community is small, but close-knit and is comprised of an experienced and mature adult staff. Our staff and players create a helpful and friendly gaming environment for all. We strive to create the best gaming experience for our p

Players: 0/100
109 United States Flag

Features: - 1.8 Survival Spawn world - Creative World - Parkour - MOB Arenas - PvP Arena, KitPvP, OP PvP!, Hardcore, Factions, and Vanilla 1.8.2! (USE PORT 25566), McMMO! The following plugins are used on this server to improve your experience: Essentials - standard essntials suite - teleportation,

Players: 0/20
110 United States Flag

oOoO-=-=-=-=-=-=-=MortalKingdom=-=-=-=-=-=-=-OoOo MORTALKINGDOM ip: mortalkingdom.mcsrv.eu FRIENDLY STAFF! ONLINE 24/7! NICE CHEAP PERMANENT DONOR RANKS! FACTIONS - PLOTS - SURVIVAL - DAILY FREE PVPKITS MortalKingdom is a new and friendly server with dedicated staff that is online alot and that don

Players: 0/1000
111 Canada Flag

Aeonia brings together everything you could love about Minecraft. Evolving from a purely Pixelmon-based server, we worked hard to expand and incorporate various elements that make Aeonia a new, innovative, and exciting way to enjoy Minecraft. Each of our specialty Worlds have endless gameplay possi

Players: 0/100
112 United States Flag

Dragon Block C MOD required to play! Check our Workin in progress custom map and website: http://dbnation.enjin.com/dynmap We just started! GOGOGO! -Adventure -Growing and nice Community -Events -Custom Map -24/7 -Much More!

Players: 24/70
113 Bulgaria Flag

MagmaCraft Network has two servers right now : International (English) - Factions server and Bulgarian - Residence server. We provide you quality gameplay with friendly community and staff! Don't waste time, join now! ************************************************************************

Players: 16/300
114 Australia Flag

Website: www.AllianceCraft.net Welcome to AllianceCraft Freebuild/Survival Server [1.12.*]! We have a Grief Protection plugin in place where all of your builds, belongings and even animals can be protected with a couple of simple clicks. AllianceCraft is all about giving you the chance to get onlin

Players: 6/128
115 Denmark Flag

Online Club was formed and founded D. 12 September 2007 - The purpose of the club is to create a gathering place for all who play some games on the web. We have room for everyone, so are you and your friends and need a room in Teamspeak, are very welcome to contact us and we quickly create a space

Players: 6/500
116 United Kingdom Flag

EggWars, Survival, SkyWars, SpeedBuilders, UHC, SkyBlock, Creative, BuildBattle, KitPVP, Pets, Trails and much more!

Players: 5/800
117 United States Flag

We offer players a Towny based survival server, a custom generated map with a variety of awesome biomes to explore and a dedicated vanilla-gen world specifically for mining and farming resources.

Players: 3/24
118 United Kingdom Flag

Here at KingsCraft we have a unique server with lots to offer. From ranks that give you more abilities to Mobarena. Have you ever wanted to play modded survival, but don't want to download the mods? Here, you don't have to install anything! Elemental Staffs, Jetpacks, Custom Enchantments, New Ores,

Players: 3/120
119 Netherlands Flag

ArkOfRulers is een kingdom. Het is bijna als facties, maar dan met veel grotere landen en meer dingen! Elk kingdom heeft een koning en je kan er een worden! We zijn op zoek naar nieuwe kingdoms en personeel. Doe mee met ons voordat het te laat is om koning te zijn! We hebben niet alleen kingdoms in

Players: 1/200
120 Germany Flag

StonerBros has multiple servers that you and your friends can enjoy your selves on! We are open 24/7 and have amazing staff that are always willing to help! We have an amazing community and the best owners you will ever meet! Come Join the first and the best minecraft community in the entire world!

Players: 1/1
121 United Kingdom Flag

Hello and welcome to Madhouse Miners Direwolf20 server! Running on dedicated hardware hosted in Germany, ran by 2 crazy British Northerners! We keep this server updated with the latest pack version, latest in SpongeForge technology and plugins! With a friendly community and staff ready to help, wha

Players: 1/20
122 United States Flag

Welcome to Weridos! We are a fun, friendly server that is run by adults but all ages are welcome. We are a 1.10 Survival server with MCMMO, Jobs and more! Claim your area to protect from griefing and mobs! No raiding and a great, friendly community makes our server a great, fun place to play. Come

Players: 0/200
123 United Kingdom Flag

MC.POOTOPIA.EU Looking for a chilled out, laid back community based server with all the perks of big servers? Pootopia is where you want to be! Whether you're the kind of person to want to rank up in game and get special perks, unlock crates and cosmetics to show to your friends, or you just want t

Players: 0/25
124 United States Flag

Project Reality aims to be the home for minecrafters interested in a life simulation hosted in a different era where we aren’t as established as we are in real life in our current time. Our server would like to say we are dated around 15th century. A place of time where things were aren't easy! J

Players: 0/144
125 United States Flag

CrazyCo Craft is a friendly City Roleplay server. We use Slimefun, Shopkeepers, SignShop and more to make your time here fun! 1CRAZYFROG is the owner.

Players: 0/52