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1 United States Flag

APOC Gaming Network is a vanilla and modded network of servers hosting 1.5.2 through 1.16.5 minecraft versions on atl, ftb, curse, and technic launchers.

2 United States Flag

Cosmic Craft http://www.CosmicMC.com Factions McMMO Factions Towny SkyBlock Survival Games Prop Hunt Hide and Seek MiniGames Battle Arena Spleef Paintball Mob Arena Team fortress GTA grand theft auto Prison Kit PvP OP Kit PvP Dwarves Vs Zombies Annihilation Creative

Players: 510/2000
3 Germany Flag

░░░ Website: www.craftersland.net | Forum: forum.craftersland.net ░░░ >> Server address: skyfactory.craftersland.net ░░░░░░ SkyFactory2 Modpack by FTB ░░░░░░ This modpack can be found on FTB and Curse launchers! ░░░░░░ Server Info: ░

Players: 76/380
4 Germany Flag

░░░ Website: www.craftersland.net | Forum: forum.craftersland.net ░░░ >> Server address: sf3.craftersland.net ░░░░░░ SkyFactory3 Modpack by FTB ░░░░░░ This modpack can be found on FTB and Curse launchers! ░░░░░░ Server Info: ░░░░

Players: 81/380
5 United States Flag

Griefing, MCMMO/PVP, No Factions - Pure Minecraft! Store your stuff in the Enderchest at spawn - free private item bank!

Players: 3/100
6 United States Flag

In a galaxy, far, far away... Explore the Star Wars universe in this tech-themed, sci-fi modpack, complete with an official server which is consistently updated with new things to do! The galaxy is yours to conquer! The server features frequent updates, events, Factions, teams, an economy, and much

Players: 22/50
7 United States Flag

Come and play! You need: Tekkit Dig Big pack installed A legit version of Minecraft

Players: 0/15
8 Brazil Flag

Servidor de minecraft com um modpack diferenciado. Você começa em uma ilha com apenas uma árvore e precisa fazer de tudo para progredir.

Players: 15/51
9 United States Flag

Visit our website at www.serendipitymc.com Welcome to the Serendipity Network, the best modded Minecraft experience available! We offer modded servers in FTB DW20, Agrarian Skies and our custom modpack, Serendipity Unlimited, registered on both FTB and Technic! All of our servers are open to everyo

Players: 8/100
10 United States Flag

We are a multi-server vanilla and modded network spanning from mc versions 1.2.5 to 1.12. We host modpack servers from technic, curse, atl, and ftb. -Multiple game modes. -Worlds for factions, towny, survival, griefing, raiding, pve & pvp, skyblock, and more. -Custom plugins. -Economy syste

Players: 1/500
11 Brazil Flag

Servidor de minecraft brasileiro com seu próprio modpack. Servidor 24h Online, disponível para pirata e original. Possuímos um site oficial: [url=http://evernife.wix.com/final-craft/]Site Oficial do Servidor[/url] Os mods sao focados em Tecnologia, Magia e Aventura. Você pode construri suas pr

Players: 29/36
12 Brazil Flag

A MagiTech Network é uma rede de servidores de minecraft com mods, contando com vários servidores disponíveis, como o BlackCraft (poucos mods, light, para quem não tem um bom computador), MagiBeta (leve, 1.10.2, para quem quer experimentar os novos mods) e MagiTech (pesado, 1.7.10, para quem qu

Players: 10/80
13 United States Flag

NO RULES! (aside from no greifing spawn and mall) Visit our website to get started. You can install on the mods you need in a snap with the Technic launcher, there is even a tutorial video! The end of minecraft is a pure survival server with everything you could possibly want! Like war? We've got w

Players: 0/50
14 United States Flag

Most up to date and unique Pixelmon server on the interwebs. We have great custom mods for your improved experience play (Pixelutilities!) and a great staff team to keep us on the path to the future. We have weekly events and great prizes. We have NO LAGGGG and up time 99.9 % (we have to update som

Players: 0/60
15 United States Flag

Come Join Lionheart Skyblock! IP: Lionheartmc.net Gameplay: You start out with a small island which has a tree and a chest containing basic items. You may shop for more items at the server shop. Each island is protected to a certain radius by world guard so non-members of your party will not be abl

Players: 1/200
16 United States Flag

Nerd Storm Production is happy to announce the official release of the Fairy Tail - Woooow! server. This server is dedicated to the modpack themed around the popular Anime, Fairy Tail. What does the server contain: - World of Fiore - Quests System - Jobs System to make money - Guild System - Separa

Players: 3/30
17 United States Flag

This is an AWESOME survival build server where there is no griefing allowed. So don't fear having your builds destroyed. Go to the warps building and pick a direction to spawn (NORTH,EAST,SOUTH,WEST) Then find an unprotected area and BUILD AWAY! Make sure to have an admin come by and protect your b

Players: 0/10
18 Poland Flag

TechnicPack.PL TechnicPack.PL:25565 BTeam.PlanetCraft.PL:25590 BTeam.PlanetCraft.PL use Tekkit Launcher and select BTeam modpack Launcher link : http://www.technicpack.net/attack-of-the-bteam Server is Free and open for any players. B-Team Tekkit

Players: 0/20000
19 Brazil Flag

O MagiSky é o novo servidor da MagiTech Network, com um novo tema, Skyblock. Esse modpack é extremamente leve, então pode rodar bem na maioria dos computadores atuais. As recipes deste servidor são bem personalizadas, o que significa que as coisas ficaram um pouco mais difíceis de se conseguir

Players: 9/80

This is a modded server usiong the DBC mod along with mo' creatures and Gibly's voice chat, you can install our modpack here

Players: 4/300
21 Mexico Flag

Servidor de mods 1.7.10 – no premium Contamos con misiones personalizadas más de 40 mods para que entren al servidor y disfrutes pvp , eventos en staff amable, no Premium disponible para todo tipo de jugador, una gran calidad de servidor, entra y conócenos disfruta del servidor y no te arrepent

Players: 41/100

Hello! Welcome. We're a Minecraft PVP gaming network that currently hosts a prison server and a raid server with more to come. The prison currently features mines, Donor ranks, Donor vaults, OP Pickaxes, A ranking system, Factions enabled free world! We have put a lot of effort into doing this and

Players: 553/3650
23 Germany Flag

Unser Tekkit Lite Server Der Lyco Tekkit Lite Server wurde im Juni 2013 gegründet. Von Damals zu heute gibt es einige große veränderungen. Unter anderem haben wir sehr viele Bugs gefixt und einige Items gefixt (z.B. Canvas Bag). Was können wir euch auf dem Tekkit Lite Server bieten? - Ihr könn

24 United States Flag

░░░ Website: www.craftersland.net | Forum: forum.craftersland.net ░░░ > Server address: tekkit.craftersland.net:25567 ░░░░░░ Server Info: ░░░░░░ > Server hosted in DataCenter on a Dedicated Server in USA. > Online 24/7. > MyTown Mod fo

25 United States Flag

"The World" is a new semi-vanilla survival server with GriefPrevention, Dynmap, and a few administrative plugins. Biomes are a little larger than default but not as large as the "Large Biome" setting.