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Factions, Hunger Games And more! Classes for rpg game on a dedicated server!

52 United Kingdom Flag

PowerdByCrystals is a PVP Faction server. More info the follow.

54 Australia Flag

Welcome to ElectronicPvP! We are a Faction PVP server with friendly staff and a hell lot of Murder! Joining us will be very appreciated! Feedback and voting will be appreciated also! As well as that, there are donation ranks! Donate to get these ranks!

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A open server that has multi-world balanced rules and lots of fun! Hope you guys enjoy


If we reach 10 people we will do a drop party... This server is on BETA

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Tekkify is a popular modded Minecraft server, mainly based upon the Tekkit pack, which the server used to use until the new Technic Platform was released. We have a great community, freindly staff, grief protection, and much more. Join today! Modpack Page: http://technicpack.net/modpack/tekkify.260

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Survival, Minigames Server

59 United States Flag

NanoBlock is a custom modpack offered through Technic and Feed the Beast, and has its own survival modded server that is part of a community known as CraftBlock. NanoBlock is built with a custom modpack named after the server (NanoBlock) and is powered by Technic. Using the utilities given to us by

60 United Kingdom Flag

We currently have, Factions, Creative and Minigames! Inside of minigames we have Block hunt and Survival Games! We will stay up for around 1 - 5 hours! And we need help beta testing! Come join today and get 1 free diaomd on factions! Our staff are : dgmods - Owner | Killhatter - Owner | Samurai_Nin

61 United States Flag

This is a CUSTOM MOD PACK Server for the Technic launcher. Hexxit style high adventure with a little bit 'o technology. Our mods include, but are not limited to: Better Dungeons, Battle Towers, Infernal Mobs, MoCreatures, Legend Gear, Reliquary, Twilight Forest, Forestry, Mekanism Generators, Build

62 United Kingdom Flag

A Fub 24/7 server that is premium and very exitible and needs staff you can join today

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Vote For Potential-PVP!

64 Canada Flag

Welcome to AUGamers Community! EH! Server Description: 24/7 AUGamers Mod Pack Lag Free Our own mod pack which can be downloaded through the Technic Launcher using: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/augamers This is a new world with new people joining everyday. I am adding a shop for the player

65 United Kingdom Flag

VikkCraft.com is the premier Minecraft experience. Also the official http://youtube.com/user/VikkStar123 server! We offer several servers including... * Ten EU SurvivalGames Servers * Soon to be Ten US SurvivalGames Servers * One 250 Slot Factions Server * Up And Coming Arcade Server Types Donate a


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67 United States Flag

This Is as basic as it comes. Currently running Minecraft 1.7.2, on a fresh empty map. Greifing is allowed, but not recommended. Hacking obviously not allowed. Respect each other. no racism. Enjoy.

68 United States Flag

TekkLite is a PVE Tekkit Lite server with many bukkit mods such a griefprevention to keep your claimed land safe from mobs and other players. At TekkLite we aim for a friendly community of Tekkit Lite gamers that enjoy an unspoiled economy, shops, and very friendly and helpful staff and members. Wh

69 United Kingdom Flag

So you're looking for an FTB server to play? The ByBServers Garry's mod community would like to offer you the ability to play our Feed the beast unleashed server. 6 years of running and maintaining servers ensures that you'll be happy within our server! We utilise bukkit and plugins to ensure you'r

70 United States Flag

Welcome to Wesscraft! We are a friendly PvP faction survial server that has been running since August 2012. Ever since then we have been dedicated to putting the players first in priority. Players are given many useful and fun commands that are normally not given on a Minecraft server. On top of th


Welcome to Twisted! MINECRAFT VERSION 1.6.4 The servers we run are Direwolf 1.6.4 and more soon Thanks

72 United Kingdom Flag

DONT CONNECT USING THE IP IN ABOVE USE THE IP AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS DESC this is a tekkit classic server with lots of different plugins. there are lots of events going on including first person to find the secret erea gets a free donations package. this server has cool custom plugins so that your t

73 United States Flag

*To play, install the Technic launcher. Then search for the mod freedomcraft and install* FreedomCraft is a modded survival server with an enhanced survival experience. Founded in 2013, it includes lightweight mods that elevate survival gameplay while keeping it balanced. You can craft vanilla item

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*The Mustache Brigade: Space Race* - [Get Modpack](http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/mustache-pack-space-race.236749"Download Modpack Here") -------------------- The Mustache Brigade: Space Race is a custom modpack server with a tekkity feel that is seeking new players to come and explore

75 United States Flag

Bukkit, FTB, Tekkit, Monster, Crafting Dead, Direwolf20 and MUCH MORE! Our server has 32GB RAM, 1Gbps connection, installed on SSDs. Super fast, lag free servers! 100 slots per server! Teamspeak3 and website available to players. Dedicated, mature staff who want to provide players a great Minecraft