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26 United States Flag

In a galaxy, far, far away... Explore the Star Wars universe in this tech-themed, sci-fi modpack, complete with an official server which is consistently updated with new things to do! The galaxy is yours to conquer! The server features frequent updates, events, Factions, teams, an economy, and much

Players: 22/50
27 United States Flag

(HOW TO CONNECT!) mc1.b-craft.org:25575 mc2.b-craft.org:25575 mc3.b-craft.org:25575 mc4.b-craft.org:25575 mc5.b-craft.org:25575 mc6.b-craft.org:25575 Welcome to the true Naruto experience. I hope you enjoy your time at BloodCraft Naruto Realism. We offer various clans, fun and interactive missions,

Players: 9/100
28 United Kingdom Flag

PrisonRaider is one of many Minecraft prison themed servers. What makes our server stand out from the rest is our great team of staff and how helpful they are. Fun things such as drugs help makes your server experience more enjoyable as it adds an odd style to the way you play Minecraft. The aim of

Players: 0/30
29 United States Flag

Factions Hardcore Raiding! All Griefing, Stealing, Scamming, Etc. Are ALLOWED! Join the fray in a Blaze!

Players: 0/50
30 United States Flag

Stranded in a strange and primative place, it's up to you to tame the rugged biomes and the beasts that roam this Awakened Land, exploring the world finding new friends throughout the server. Our staff are good and we have an active community. Modpack - Awakened Land Website - AwakenedLand.enjin.co

Players: 13/60
31 United States Flag

This is a pixelmon server, join us this is a personal modpack you, if you have technic launcher you can add this pack by adding this url: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/sorb-pixelcore-modpack

Players: 2/50
32 Brazil Flag

Servidor de minecraft com um modpack diferenciado. Você começa em uma ilha com apenas uma árvore e precisa fazer de tudo para progredir.

Players: 15/51
33 United States Flag

DO NOT ask for Staff Rank You will be kicked if you ask please apply at website About the Server Hydra-Craft is a Minecraft Server with Custom Enchantments, Factions and PVP What you Need to Know Chests cant be locked There is a Power death ban for 1 minute (if you lose all your power) Custom encha

Players: 1/70
34 United States Flag

ConstantPvP is a faction survival/pvp server, raiding and griefing is allowed. We have fun mini games; Mob Arena, Team Death Match and the all new Mob Arena Dungeon which is build for 5 players for 30-45 minutes of finding mobs and finding new gear.

Players: 0/50
35 United States Flag

Deathlands is an extremely hostile server where mobs spawn frequently and good gear isn't common. Join this server, and fight against players and mobs alike as you ascend in this ultimate revision of Minecraft survival!

Players: 0/12
36 United States Flag

-About Us- Hello, and Welcome to RaidHeaven, a place where War, Hatred, Riches, and Raids, are a part of your Everyday life, or death. Will you take the path of a leader, or be loyal to a cause Will you Choose thievery, Murder and Pillaging to Make your way in Wrath Or be an Honorable Warrior, Prot

Players: 8/120
37 France Flag

MooshServers is a Medium Size Minecraft Community! our goal is to give players the best minecraft experience as possible, Our Spawn has everything easy to Reach its a no brainer to roam around our spawn because were located in Flatlands. Hope you join us. We have many events such as Spleef, CTF, TD

Players: 1/20
38 United States Flag

it has taken 3 days and an all nighter to push the server to release today/tonite!! hope you guys and gurls like dis server and will be upgraded soon with a new custom ip (dantycraft.net) and upgrade the ram for the server for less lag! so come and play today and have some phun! -------------------

Players: 1/45
39 United States Flag

FLAN-Z RELOADED ------ A world awaits you full of misery, despair, hunger, depression, thirst, betrayal, and bloodshed. When one experiment was one too many, and changed the face of the planet forever. Zombies roams the lands tormenting the remaining survivors. Trust was a beautiful thing, but now

Players: 0/40
40 Germany Flag

Konzept Du suchst einen deutschen Minecraft-Server, der stabil und flüssig läuft – mit einer netten Community, die sich gern gegenseitig unter die Arme greift? Du bist es Leid, dauernd umziehen zu müssen, weil in deiner Nähe lauter hässliche Gebäude gebaut werden oder dir Griefer ständig d

Players: 0/20
41 Australia Flag

[TOWNY] [RPG] - Under Construction [RANKS] [ECONOMY] [PVP ARENAS] [LOOKING FOR STAFF] [24/7] We at Cosmic Craft HQ have wiped of the dust breathed new life into this server, with new plugins, an improved website and monthly build comps, the server will be like it has never been before, and once a d

Players: 0/200
42 United States Flag

A Server based on the Lord of the Rings. Join and become a Knight of Gondor, or a Rider of Rohan, and look for the Ring. You could become a simple farmer or miner, to becoming a feared Nazgul. Join today and fight for the Battle of Middle Earth

Players: 0/400
43 United States Flag

Custom Spells. Custom Items, Magic, Factions, Pvp, Raiding!

Players: 0/4
44 United States Flag

MapleCraft needs more players, staff, and advertisers! join the Team today! MapleCraft needs more players, staff, and advertisers! join the Team today! MapleCraft needs more players, staff, and advertisers! join the Team today! MapleCraft needs more players, staff, and advertisers! join the Team to

Players: 0/20

This is just a placeholder description that is not really saying anything. It's sole purpose is to fill in the 100 characters length requirement.

Players: 14/90
46 United States Flag

TECHNIC PACK: MageBlox Technic Pack MageBlox is the newest introduction to the BCraft Gaming Community. MageBlox is a magic server filled with 80+ mods to enjoy. There are features like ThaumCraft, Twilight Forest, Witchery, Blood Magic, Ars Magica 2, and much, much more. There are tons of features

Players: 3/100
47 Brazil Flag

Servidor PokeMagic, Foi Criado Para a Diversão De Players que Ainda Curtem o ModPack ” Pixelmon ” e Mostrar Que Somos Capazes e Ser um Dos Melhores Mestres Pokemon ! Além disso, contamos com máquinas dedicadas e super seguras, assim seu jogo fica sem LAG e seus dados protegidos. Também cont

Players: 30/200
48 Spain Flag

Server Minecraft No Premium|No lag|PvP|Ciudades,Parcelas 24/7 Todo el dia Eventos cada dia Admins A ayudar 24 horas Te lo pasaras bien Kit de Inicio para los nuevos!!!!

Players: 0/20
49 Brazil Flag

Servidor de minecraft brasileiro com seu próprio modpack. Servidor 24h Online, disponível para pirata e original. Possuímos um site oficial: [url=http://evernife.wix.com/final-craft/]Site Oficial do Servidor[/url] Os mods sao focados em Tecnologia, Magia e Aventura. Você pode construri suas pr

Players: 29/36
50 United States Flag

Visit http://www.mcpvp.org

Players: 3/100