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1 United States Flag

NXTCRAFT is a Survival Server. Afraid about greifers? Worry no more. On NXTCRAFT you can protect your chests, furnaces and doors. We have plugins that moderate every block each player places, and destroys. So if your house is griefed, we will know who exactly did it; and we will roll back that loca

Players: 0/60
2 United States Flag

DragonPvP Is a different take on PvP, you go around a map and loot chests for quartz, which you then trade in for currency and buy shiny new gear.

Players: 0/24
3 United States Flag

Gildorym is a Mature Roleplay Minecraft server, set in the D&D world of Faerun. A harsh place, with fortune & danger lurking around every corner. With the opportunity for every man to take his chance at fame. Our Events Team run daily events involving deep plots, with twists both go

Players: 2/75

CraftINC Is A Whitelist Build Server For The Best Of builders We Strive To Build A Great Community And Great stuff, And A Great Time While We Do Apply For Whitelist: http://craftinc.enjin.com/ ip: Craftinc.mcph.co:26075

Players: 0/25
5 United Kingdom Flag

is a Towny server which uses custom items and armour which are available for players to buy at premade towns. We also have challenging quests all spread across the map for players to take part in and complete for a variety of rewards. NOW INTRODUCING: KIT-PVP! ( Every Saturday 13AM Towny wars will

Players: 0/2018
6 Poland Flag

FREEBUILD SURVIVAL ECONOMY PAINTBALL HUNGERGAMES PVP https://www.facebook.com/pages/COBEL/585579254823938

Players: 3/100
7 United States Flag

Welcome to fatality network factions! Vote to get a vote key in game! We have a skyblock server, a factions server, and an HCF server coming soon. Come and join 100+ other players on fatalitynetwork.us (Owned By Grant2k13)

Players: 158/1
8 United States Flag

Good server indeed come play with us the owner is CerealSpillerTM this afternoon we expect to get 120 slots!

10 United States Flag

Precious stones protection (Obsidian). SMP, PVP, Skyblock Co-Op, creative and hardcore maps (Multiverse).

11 United States Flag

Hello friends! If you're looking for a challenging but fun vanilla minecraft experience then you've come to the right place! Over all our server is meant to be a fun survival experience while enjoying the dangers that minecraft has to offer. Tired of the usual minecraft get go? We have minigames fo

Players: 0/20