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76 United States Flag

Welcome to Gold Galaxy MC! Server is Under Construction Coming soon... Working on Skyblock Staff will be needed eventually. Currently Whitelisted Opening Next Year

Players: 1/40
77 United States Flag
Players: 0/100
78 United States Flag

SkyZone MobCoins GKits Autosell Chest And alot more! -- Prizes 1st $100 Buycraft Voucher 2nd $75 BuyCraft Voucher 3rd $50 BuyCraft Voucher Connect us by clicking here: https://discord.gg/DhNHz2A

Players: 1/60000
79 United States Flag

Looking For a Competitive yet Friendly Faction Community? Well then FlintFactions is the best server for you! Hope to see you there!

Players: 1/100
80 United States Flag

Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: SKYREALMS.SERV.NU SkyRealms is an online Minecraft community with very entertaining game modes. We try our best to bring the most enjoyable expierience to our players by providing continuous updates, features, and improvements.

Players: 0/2018
81 United States Flag

CRAZY OPPRISON!!! IP: play.PrisonPlus.net =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= PrisonPlus is a minecraft prison server, with unique custom built mines, amazing plugins! Here are some of the amazing perks on our server: - CRATE KEYS WHICH GIVE RANDOMLY GENERATE

Players: 0/12

MineSurge [1.8-1.12] is a Factions server with experienced staff and a great community that offers the ideal Factions experience. Server IP: play.minesurge.net Website: minesurge.net Shop: shop.minesurge.net

Players: 12/200
83 Viet Nam Flag

IP: irons.tk Version: 1.8/1.9/1.10/1.11/1.12 Anh Em Vui Vẻ.Hepler Thân Thiện. Admin Vui Tính Server Chạy Phiên Bản Từ 1.8 đến Mới Nhất OP Skyblock - OP Prison

Players: 9/100
84 United Kingdom Flag

MysticNetwork is a fully featured Factions server! With the orc, spartan, elf, dwarf and the many other warps we have, you'll never run out of things do! Explore a completely open world, make houses, go mining, fight against other players and have a fun time! MysticNetwork is completely free-to-pla

Players: 1/48
85 Romania Flag

salut, serverul Play.fireworld.ro:40111 este un server bine facut si cu un staff activ si responsabil, speram sa va distrati pe serverul nostru! #minecraft

Players: 0/30
86 United States Flag

We are a minecraft skyblock server. We are in need of players and youtubers! Be sure to vote everyday for rewards! There will be a vote party every 25 votes!

Players: 15/100
87 United States Flag

________________________________________________________________ OPClash is an overpowered network, with many custom features and plugins to make your experience on our server as amazing as possible. A list of features and other things you may be wondering about will be below this section. ________

Players: 300/500
88 Brazil Flag

- Plugin AntCheat - Loja PvP com itens Edits - Plotmes - Varias Arenas - Arena x1 - Eventos Todos os dias - Staff competente - 5 Tipos de VIP's - Vips a Parti de 12 Reais - Mina Madeira - Mina - Mina PvP - Arena Principal - Arena Deserto

Players: 66/100
89 United States Flag

Welcome to SkyPixel! We are a pretty large skyblock community with dedicated staff and players. We have full custom enchantments and custom ore's that spawn when you create a cobblestone generator. This is a very unique skyblock server! Join today to help out!

Players: 7/40
90 Chile Flag

Servidor de Minecraft Latino Version 1.8 a 1.12 (recomendado 1.8.8) Host Norte Americano Facciones, Survival Towny, Skyblock, Skywars, Survival Plots. GRUPO DE FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PandriloCraft PAGINA DE FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/PandriloCraft/ DICORD: https://discord

Players: 3/150
91 Netherlands Flag

Welkom op MartialCraft, de leukste minecraft server online! Onze server bestaat uit een aantal verschillende werelden, waardoor iedereen op zijn of haar manier kan spelen. We hebben een PVP wereld waar je lekker anderen kunt doden en griefen zo veel als je wilt en/of je kunt een faction maken om de

Players: 2/2017
92 Netherlands Flag

Hallo allemaal, Welkom op MakingGamingNL. Dit is een server met gezellige Staff die naar JOUW mening luistert! Dit is een “beginnende” server met SkyBlock, hier kan je dus met vrienden samen spelen. We hebben ook leuke extra dingen zoals Minions die je kan kopen en die dan automatisch voor jouw

Players: 0/250
93 United States Flag

CryptoMines.org, the prison server with a twist! Trade in your hard earned cash from mining for Crypto coins in game. Use these coins to buy items, including ranks! Lots of custom made plugins Crypto Investments Crypto Shop Crypto Lottery + many more features! Check us out at [b]play.cryptomines.or

Players: 0/500
94 United States Flag

The official One in the Chamber competitive server. Features: - Spectator Mode - Experience System - Leaderboard System - View Your Previous Games - Rank System - Custom Made/Custom Coded Plugins - 1.8 - 1.12 Support - Fireworks

Players: 0/20
95 United States Flag

We are currently looking for dedicated players to join our Haftacraft community! We have been established since February 2011, we are a dedicated 24/7 server, with three map options: - Full PvP Factions world - PvE-only Vanilla Survival world - Creative Free Build. We occasionally hold events such

Players: 0/30
96 United States Flag

Hey Guys, This server has Creative, Factions and more on it! You guys can make videos, Donate to help the server, and use plotme commands. When you log in you will start on the server called "CookieCreative", When you do /server theres Factions, and MiniGames. MiniGames is coming soon with, CTF, Pa

Players: 0/10
97 United Kingdom Flag

Do you like amazing Minecraft servers? Ones with brand new unique ideas? Ones with ideas outside the box which have never been seen before? If this sounds like a server you would like then you should log on to 'play.PotionCraft.org' today and become a server superstar! With some great features you

Players: 0/30
98 Australia Flag

_------=Welcome To GummyBearGaming=------_ We are a BRAND NEW minigames server and we need staff! You can apply on our website but please check the requirements. We need Admins,Mods,Devs,Ect. please Stop By! We are currently working on Factions and minigames! Thanks!

Players: 0/512
99 United States Flag

When we do a factions server, we understand every aspect that plays a part in creating a wonderful experience for the player. We understand what the players want, and how to deliver it without a problem. We strive for perfection and anything less is impossible. So why not join the hundreds of playe

Players: 14/300
100 United States Flag

Hello and Welcome to Rex Raids! We are a new and growing community that Is Factions based however we do plan on adding several different gamemodes once we have a larger community! Once you join you will be welcomed by our friendly staff team and community! You have a few kits and some money to get

Players: 12/666