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26 United States Flag

Opgta is new gtamc remake with alot op/custom guns and enchants. Its very easy to gey rich! Prospect giveaway every week For news: gtamc is gta in minecraft! You get guns jetpacks... grenades drugs... Its very fun gamemode! I have played it the last 3 years and now choosed to try make gta server my

Players: 5/6969
27 United Kingdom Flag

The Diversion Network is a great Minigame server. With active staff, original games and a nice community, this is the place to be. Our current Minigames are: - MonumentRush (Destroy the other teams monuments while defending yours) - Skywars (Loot chests and bridge to other islands to eliminate all

Players: 0/100
28 United States Flag

Legion Servers features various game types such as PvP mini-games, tower defense, and anarchy survival. Come check us out - IP: mc-l.net

Players: 0/250
29 United States Flag

DraconicNetwork is a server with a wonderful community. We Have SkyBlock and will later on have BedWars, Prison, Factions And so on.

Players: 1/500
30 United States Flag

FunkyFactions is one of the longest running Factions servers around, and the original sponsor of MassiveCraft's Factions.

Players: 29/500
31 Poland Flag

Welcome to JasMC JasMC is server-type minigames, where you can play: - SkyWars - Tobiko - Mine Wars - Lucky Block - Skyblock On the server are still added new game modes. To play on this server does not have to be a premium. The server is NOT P2W

Players: 17/1000
32 United States Flag

Hello and welcome to BestDwarfCow! Best name evar right! We have minigames and survival/factions also more to come! So hop on in!

Players: 0/60
33 Chile Flag

Somos servidor en desarrollo, basado en pvp y supervivencia pura, una gran comunidad donde todos somos iguales^^

Players: 23/70
34 Peru Flag

Hola este servidor es uno de los mejores tiene capacida de 150 usuarios online sin tener lag pronto se volvera network y cambiara de ip a una mejorada y mas corta para la facilidad de ustedes ya que merecen lo mejor. Ip 2: LandCraft.mygs.co

Players: 1/100
35 United States Flag

Hello, and welcome to AquaFactions. A place where war, hatred, riches, and raids are a part of your everyday life... or death. Will you take the path of a leader, or be loyal to a cause. Will you choose thievery, murder and pillaging to make your way in wrath? Or be an Honorable Warrior, protecting

Players: 0/200
36 United States Flag

Being a developer i can assure you that FactionsAge has many features and is very well optimized so you can have amazing lag less experience while having fun at the same time. Easily obtain ranks, and special items without having to pay for it. If you do wish to donate our store is extremely cheap

Players: 24/100
37 United Kingdom Flag

Goal of the Server: At NanakiCraft our primary goal is to provide a drama and corrupt-free, friendly, and entertaining experience! The secondary goal of the server, you know those pesky, crappy, new 1.9 and 1.10 Minecraft updates that were released by Microsoft after 1.8.9. Yeah, the secondary goal

Players: 4/80
38 United Kingdom Flag

At, 20 players online were doing a huge rank giveaway so make sure to come online and bring on your friends!!

Players: 6/999
39 United States Flag

Were a server dedicated to OP enchantments and gameplay. We are pleased to announce the grandopenning of our server and hope you have a great time.

Players: 6/200
40 United States Flag

The legendary PrisonTech! Made famous by TechGe3ks LLC. Is now officially owned and operated by Smash Button Gaming. This server has been around for 4 years now. PrisonTech brought Minecraft Prison Servers to the spotlight with it's unique look and professional feel. Many others have tried to copy

Players: 5/500
41 United States Flag

We are a Very Friendly server with a great community. We have factions and plan to do more games in the future

Players: 2/999
42 United Kingdom Flag

EarthRealm is home to an established community of passionate creative mega builders which has existed for over four years. Our main public server offers a mix of survival and creative game modes in which players have access to an extensive levelling system, economy, aesthetics and more. We regularl

Players: 0/50
43 United States Flag

Faction, mcmmo. essentials huge spawn, kitpvp-other minigame plugins are coming soon aswell! Make sure to check us out on Enjin aswell! factionfactory.enjin.com/

Players: 1/100
44 United States Flag

1.8 - 1.12.2 Very wonderful server, with very nice staff! All of our staff are trained professionals and will never be caught lacking. The developers are very professional!

Players: 0/75
45 Australia Flag

You have discovered a unique and exciting Minecraft RP Server experience. Crimson Ingot is an ever changing world - where you become part of the story. There are many interesting facets that set this server apart from other PVP Style Servers - when you enter the land of Templehelm you will find a l

Players: 5/100
46 United States Flag

IniuriaMC is a brand new survival server. I'm the owner, TenjouKia. This is actually my first time creating a SMP server. I hope yall enjoy it.

Players: 2/30
47 United Kingdom Flag

SquidRealms - A fun place to meet new friends and play minecraft. We have a number of worlds, Survival, Factions, Creative, PlotMe, SurvivalGames and a custom Skyblock!

Players: 0/50
48 United Kingdom Flag

New server with friendly staffs Offering 24slots and 3GB DDR3 memory

Players: 0/25
49 United States Flag

CubixCreation: If your reading this, your probabally wondering "What kind of Survival server is this?". Well I will answer that question. This is a Survival server with a great community, staff that help you, not meaninglessly pubish you, and good fun gameplay! We have custom structures such as

Players: 0/30
50 Philippines Flag

This is U-Craft, a server community founded, made and owned by John_0714. We would like to give everyone a unique minecraft experience to enjoy together with your friends. In this community we try to achieve a goal of friendship between people of various trends and personalities to help build a str

Players: 0/20