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Foncused Network is a brand new custom minigames network which has been in development for many years and is currently initiating a public testing phase for its first playable miniga...

1 Sweden

Welcome to a towny server played out in the real world! That's right, you can claim your irl city/country in-game. Gold is used as currency, creating a town costs 16 gold. Make sure to defend your gold from enemy towns! Your town can join up with other towns to form a nation. Nations can fight in w

Players: 59/60
2 Sweden

Den sydsvenska servern från Malmö. Alla är välkomna att spela, vi har många plugg-in och ett 10-tal ranker. Allt är gratis. Alla ranker köps med in-game-pengar, du kan tjäna pengar genom att arbeta och sälja saker till shopen. Alla spelare har unika egenskaper och ranker. Exempel på ranke

Players: 0/100
3 Sweden

MuCraft - Vanilla Survival med Ekonomi En vänlig, mogen, mysig och Svensk Minecraft Survival Server där tanken är att man ska spela helt öppet och fritt som i vanilla singleplayer fast med folk från hela landet. Vi vill försöka hålla servern så vanilla som möjligt, vilket betyder inga ext

Players: 2/20
4 Sweden

Server is now 1.8 Craft Bukkit Faction PVP Raiding More Soon Follow us on facebook and Visit our site

Players: 6/150
5 Sweden

AbbexNetwork! Svensk Minecraft server Factions Skyblock Prison med mera! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Players: 0/1
6 Sweden

Svensk minecraft server, trevliga spelare

Players: 0/6
7 Sweden

Survive2Die | Semi-Vanilla! | No Rules! PVP | 24/7, Welcome to Survive2Die where you spawn in the world with no rules and danger off raiding and greifing. Run so fast and far you can to not get attacked by others. This server is made to be like if you were playing single player. So hope you have fu

Players: 0/15
8 Sweden
Players: 0/30
9 Sweden

Pure PvE/Survival server based more around building and less around player vs player rivalries. MC Traveler is completely vanilla aside from sparingly used portals, and a custom land-protection plugin. As well as custom chat plugins, which never affect gameplay.

Players: 1/40
10 Sweden

Why should you play on Mineworlds. Mineworlds has always had a friendly and close community. We aren't focusing on becoming a large server, but to have a great community that enjoy to play together. Features. We try to provide many different and unique features, so you don't have to be bored, or wh

Players: 0/100
11 Sweden

Denna server är whitelistad tillfälligt pga server-underhåll. Men vi kommer öppna snart, så gå inte långt bort! Releasedatum: 1 Juli

Players: 0/50
12 Sweden

Survival game server with lots of yummy stuff. Build, fight, hunt, hard-to-kill-monsters, 'mini-games' challenges, tresures, shop, buy/sell and more. U ill get hungry and might diiiie.. fu fu fu... You are welcome to hard survival game at Jasto City -

Players: 0/200
13 Sweden


Players: 2/120
14 Sweden

Welcome to the Luxcraft Community The Luxcraft Network is an international community Even though there quite a few swedish players anyone is welcome to join. English is the main language but we do allow local languages, we dont force anyone to speak english Join the fun: Our web

Players: 0/150
15 Sweden

PVE Survival / No Cheating / Completely Free / No Spam / Mature Old server brought back with a fresh map and new minimalistic plugin setup. Hosted on powerful and dedicated hardware that are already paid thus allowing for the free gameplay for everyone. Users can easily protect their builds from gr

Players: 0/20
16 Sweden

Välkommen till SwePixel Vi är en svensk minecraft server sen 2016-06-22. Vi anpassar spelmiljön efter våra spelare och tar del av spelarnas förbättrings tips. Våra typer av servers: Survival - Där du överlever själv eller med vänner i vildmarken. Factions - Där du själv eller med vänn

Players: 15/150
17 Sweden

En svensk minecraft server som erbjuder många olika gamemodes som du kan spela och utforska! Vi har allt från det hetsiga Factions till det mer lugna Creative spelläget.

Players: 12/1000
18 Sweden

Creative only on CreativeCorner. Claim plots and build creative together with other players. Check your progress on

Players: 0/30
19 Sweden

Gamebitz Minecraft Survival & PVP En svensk server, för svenska spelare. Auto Backup,Towny Iconomy,Logblock LWC,McMMO Dynmap,Jobs Chestshop,Mcbans ...Och många fler väl optimerade plugins!

Players: 1/1000
20 Sweden

Tia survival server is a server based of survival, which may be obvious when it comes to the name. But the twist we have is that we have 61 ranks ingame, starting at dirt and leveling up till T.I.A which is the last rank, we do this through selling things in /shop. We do also have 7 different crate

Players: 0/240
21 Sweden
Players: 6201/6202
22 Sweden

En svensk Minecraft server för alla. Dessa regler gäller alltid och oavsett situation, om någon griefar dig då ska du inte griefa tillbaka och om någon säger något dumt då ska du inte göra det tillbaka. * Griefing är ej tillåtet. * Mobbning är ej tillåtet. * Reklam är ej tillåtet. *

Players: 12/60
23 Sweden
Players: 9/0
24 Sweden

Spotlight Server är en Svensk Minecraft server med fokus på Ekonomi och Survival. Anslut dig till alla andra glada spelare och skaffa nya vänner tillsammans med oss! Välkommen in till oss på Spotlight Server

25 Sweden

Hel-Svensk server med Towny, chestshop, iConomy m.m. Kolla in oss nu: Hemsida:

Players: 0/100