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Top rsps 718830 servers of 2021. All runescape servers of 718830 type, ranked by players votes.

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RSPS 718830 Servers List

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Araxxor & Noxious Weapons - Legacy Mode - Seismics & Vorago - Drygores & Kalphite King - Divination & Locations - FREE Cosmetic Overrides - 30+ Boss Pets - Daily Updates - 2 Ironman modes - Treasure Hunter - Completionist Capes - Most content-


Project Zephyr is an advanced 718/830 RSPS aimed at making the players shape the game. The sole intent of the content and updates of this server revolve around YOUR feedback and input. Our experienced developing team is here to shape the game the way YOU want to play it.


We are a 317/RS3 type of server with osrs items and bosses. We have over 20 bosses to kill and train. We have 3 differant modes such at normal, ironman, and ult ironman. Every boss added has a pet with osrs skilling pets added. We also have all skillings working so you can train and max out.


RuneZilla Remastered


Custom runescape remake - Open - Pets, prestige, 20+ Boss's, Tons of content. Daily Updates. Seeing this can get you a big reward.