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24/7 Lag Free || Completionist Cape || Nex Armous || Various Gambling || Custom Bosses || Working Korasi || Death Cape || Glacyte Boots || Overloads 

We're back and better than ever!

The Ateji-Scape family is proud to say that we're back and better than ever! With our powerful dedicated VPS, the server is online 24/7 with NO lag at all!

The new Ateji-Scape features:
 ~ Working Completionist Cape with unique requirements
 ~ Nex Armours with correct hitpoint boosts
 ~ Unique, un-cheatable dicebags
 ~ Unique gambling NPC's
 ~ Custom Bosses
 ~ Spirit Shields with 100% working special effects
 ~ Custom Death Cape for elite PKers
 ~ Glacyte Boots
 ~ Unique Slayer System with valuable rewards
 ~ Stable Economy due to custom drop item coding
 ~ 100% Working Special Attacks
 ~ Overloads and Imbued Rings
 ~ Degradable PvP Armours and constituent Weapons
 ~ Working Summoning Skill
 ~ Skiller-friendly economy
 ~ Much, much more!

Come join us today! You can play via our webclient through our website, which can be found <a href=>here</a>  or you can download our desktop client  <a href=>here</a>

 Thank you and see you ingame! 
-Ivan and the Ateji-Scape Team

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