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DPR of Shanmerica

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The Democratic People's Republic of Shanmerica (DPRS) is generally a survival PvP server, however if you build creations the admins like then you will be ranked up. By ranking up you will get access to perks which will aid in your building and allow you to easily showcase your creations to others.

The server is home hosted and has a maximum capacity of 12 players. Our aim is for the server to be as vanilla as possible while still providing players with expected conveniences (e.g. warps, homes, etc) and security from griefers.

There is nothing really special about Shanmerica, it's like many other Minecraft servers. The only things that might set this server apart from the vast majority is:

1. We plan never to generate a new world. If for some reason a new world is needed, the last working copy of the current world will be uploaded to a hosting site and posted here.
2. The small amount of players may appeal to some people.
3. We've got an out of game community (forums).

More information about our server can be found on our website: