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exiliumpkz Runescape Server

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welcome to exiliumpkz where the bad turns good.
we are a brand new server , 677revision 728 client, we have alot of enjoyable things and very stable server, we have ton of shops, alot of bosses, customs such as custom items and shops, we have (chillzone, staffzone.) we have a fully maintained forums, website, webclient, and jar client..
we still have our team coding more and more things every week, so meaning we have weekly updates, also active players, and active staff... very friendly people and community , we welcome everybody just like our family..
we have a very good pvp system and eoc system, and MR.ex is our world teleporter takes you to skilling, bosses, etc.. WE HAVE GRAND EXCHANGE FULLY WORKING!!
and our rsps is fully up all the time 24/7 and yes we are vps hosted! 
and better of all we have cloud DD0S protection so dont worry about the people who attempt to ddos us, that will surely not happen.
our website:

Things it has:
PlayersOnline if you can make php and sql injection
Highscores added
Skills all working
Dungeoneeering with an Entity Leak, easy fix just make it remove the dungeon npcs when dungeon is over.
GE without the sell as Timers has pointed out. Its one Config, configbyfile to be excact but i cbf'd to go through trying to get it rite now.
Custom Polypore as i couldnt get the XTEAS
Full Jadinko Lair
Full Barrows
Dag Kings
Warriors Guild
Custom Hararken boss
Multi Area Lv 12 Wildy Pk
Mage Bank
Fight Pits
West Pk
East Pk
Prestige System just gotta readd interface.
Vote System with 3 different kind of rewards and Epic Vote store
NEWEST Items of RS like Dragonbane armor Flamming Skull etc.
Tons of pets in-game <<<<< MY custom way of doing it
Working Dungeoneering, Hunter, Summoning.
Steadfast, Ragefire, Glavien Boots
::cmd to open up commands page.