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-= Server Features =-
Plugins: We have a wide arrange of plugins for player management and Anti-Griefing as well as plugins meant for entertainment. We use Towny to encourage community development and for anti-griefing, for chest protection you can use LWC. We provide a currency system with a dynamic market that will adjust to our players economic decisions. For entertainment we have various minigame plug-ins.
Events: We like to run weekly and monthly events, these event will include race days and race tournaments, all day Paintball or PVP matches, and build offs, which are called Top Girs, during these Top Girs events there will be a topic of choice, and Donator ranks as rewards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Most of these events will be record and upload to youtube.
Mini Games: There is a world just for Mini Games, here you have a wide arrange of arenas and game types to pick from, . We supply Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Spleef, Paintball, Hunger Game/LMS, CTF, Infection and a few custom game modes we created.
Website: We have an active community on our website, here we have a community forum. Located on our website is our server Wiki, here you can find all the info you need, if something isn't posted on the wiki you can easily create a support thread or ask one of our helpful staff members. Our Minecraft server and website are integrated by a points system, you can earn points by doing various actions,then you can then spend these points at the Shop for in-game rewards.
Team-Speak: We provide a Team-Speak server to our community for better communication. You are welcome to join and invite your friends, here is a place to talk to others about minecraft or feel free to play others game while on. We don’t limit to just to Minecraft.
Long Term Players: We provide a ranking system for our players, when you first join you are a guest, after you link your minecraft account on our website or play for one hour we will become a “Member”. After 48 hours of playtime you will receive the rank of “Honored”. Each rank offers more permissions and commands then the last. We also offer donator ranks, every dollar help us improve of server, our website, and our community. There are 4 donator ranks to choose from and we offer a 30 day donation or life time donation.