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[Hard] Survival 24-7

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Welcome to The Void!

The server auto-restarts every 24h for performance.
If there is a new update, the server will restart and update in 15min,
with prior notification. The server is running on a dedicated machine on
a dedicated network and we value quality gameplay over everything else.

- English Only in chat.
- Don't be a dick.
Killing people/defending yourself = Fine.
Killing the same people/destroying their stuff constantly and repeatedly = No.
- Abuse of server performance/rules in any direct/in-direct way will result in
a ban.

[Quality of Life]:
- Progression is disabled.
- The server is never paused when empty.
- Grids that are shot in space (ex: Satelites, etc) farther then a certain
massive distance from any player will remain in motion for the next 24h
before they are stopped or removed if not powered.
- Sun rotation is realtime 1:1.
- No PCU limit. Tho some block limits do apply.
- New players are spawned within 128km of other players.

[About Lag]:
Due to how SE servers are constructed:
- Server is saved every 30min, so a small lag jitter every 30min.
- Economy updates every 3h, so a small lag jitter every 3h.
- When the server checks/deletes grids every 24h, so a lag spike every 24h.
- And the fact that if anyone joins the server it jitters for 0.5 - 1.5s.

[So what is hard?]:
- Respawn ship cooldown is 3h.
- Grinding/Welding speeds halved.
- Assembler/Refinery speeds halved.
- Economy contracts renew every 3h.
- Any form of harvesting by "hand" is 80% slower.
- Pirate drone amount increased. Pirate PCU also planned to increase in the future.

The server will be online forever. Period.

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