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This page explains about the basic L2Gold features and gives some information for the people who are not really played L2GOLD style before.<br><br>
-L2-Gold Server C6 Interlude Features C4 and Skills All Char.<br><br>
-Balance Skill and Character<br><br>
-No Craft.<br><br>
-Special Ability Weapon S Grade will exist in Mantra Manager.<br><br>
-Arenes Pvp OldSchool Style Auto Noblesse<br><br>
-Rates: Exp:x100 Sp:x100 Adena: x50<br><br>
-No weight limit, Buffs 1 hour, Free rebirth Max Lvl 78.<br><br>
-Enchant Rates: Weapon: Safe+3 Max+21, Armor-Jewels: Safe+3 Max+9.<br><br>
-Original L2Gold Project.<br><br>
-Apella Armor,Dynasty Armor With Ayto Noblesse Passive,L2Gold Weapon,L2Gold Jewels.<br><br>
-Vote System,Vote Shop.<br><br>
-Noblesse With Crowns, Be Lvl 78.<br><br>
-RaidBoss Manager Status Time.<br><br>
-Max Lv 78, SubClass,No Clan Skills.<br><br>
-Rebirth Manager with "Exchange Rebirth Skill"<br><br>
-Pk Manager.<br><br>
-Olympiad Period 1 Week (Town of Heine) Open 16:00 Close 17:00, Open 21:00 Close 22:00.<br><br>