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L2 Shrine

Random Server
Selected quests are adjusted to match the server rate.

Hardware: 2x quad core, 32 GB RAM, 2x 120 GB SSD in RAID 1

Software: Custom core based on l2off platform

No donate - we have enough money to keep server running for an indefinite period of time

Changes against retail Gracia Final:

Server works with newer Gracia Epilogue client

Possibility to turn off experience gain (.expon/.expoff)

Possibility to see current server time (.time)

Offline trade (.offline)

Command channel members don't take area damage/debuffs from other members

Disabled /trade on olympiad

Skill enchant directly from skill window (retail Gracia Epilogue)

Skill enchant consumes Adena and SP (retail Gracia Epilogue)

Slightly adjusted vitality levels (retail Gracia Epilogue)

Unified heavy/light/robe/kamael cloaks (retail Gracia Epilogue)

We are planning continous update to Gracia Epilogue and maybe even to Freya.
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