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Pyrite Ares 5000$ Fortress War Event!

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 Another adventure unites us after the great success Pyrite – Cap 80 has demonstrated, the unique and unmatched experience we all went through together, and the countless requests we have been receiving through private messages on different social platforms, our team is back to amaze and exceed the standards of today with ARES, our greatest masterpiece made with a lot of observance, perception, and tight grasp of any hurdle that we stumbled upon during the development phase.  

 Naming servers is tradition that we rarely practiced, but we felt obliged to do so this time as we wanted to embody the server's identity and highlight it, therefore we specifically chose the name Ares, the Greek god of war, courage, and bloodthirst, a name that is going to resemble the events that will occur on the battlefield, which is definitely an event you want to witness firsthand, not through social media channels!  

  Virtuous History
 Pyrite was first established in 2017 and released in 2018, and there have been major improvements over the course of these 5 years, in which we invested a lot of effort just to ensure our community is privileged and as convenience as possible with the performance and features. Here’s a small recap video that highlights some parts of our journey together for the entirety of 5 years. 

  Ageing and Longevity
 Time is beyond our control, and the clock keeps ticking regardless of how we lead our lives; this is why we always need to choose right to enjoy every single moment. Despite a server’s lifespan being any player’s top concern and priority when it comes to choosing between multiple servers, we have proved that once we promise, we deliver. On Pyrite – Cap 80, we promised the server will not go offline until the last player logs off, and the server stayed online with active players for 7 months; the same plan is going to apply to Ares, if you want to play, nobody has the right to stop you from taking your hard-work and efforts away from you, hence we promise to keep Ares online and updated until the very last player!  

The Excellence and the Motive
 Pyrite as a choice never let its enthusiasts down, so you can keep making the wrong choices, or you can choose Pyrite. Having a remarkable motive is the most important factor to success, and since day one, we have been positioning our community at the top of the list of various determinants that give us the will to push and move forward.  


















$5,000 Fortress War Event
Despite the fact that Pyrite is one of the most competitive servers already, we wanted to make sure that more and more challenges and fun is to be added to the equation. Whether your guild depends on strategical thinking and focusing on winning the heart, or on pure battle experience and regroups, you will be a winner!

Heart Wins

  • Best of 4 - $2,500

Kill Couunter

  • Each Fortress - $625

Beta Events Schedule

  • BETA Phase 1 - Skill & Set Balance (PvP)
  • Start: 12th of September
  • End: 15th of September
  • Event: Pyrite Boss - Global Unique (Each Pyrite Boss Drops 20 Beta Coins, Equivalent to 2,000 Pyrite Cash on the Grand-Opening)
  • BETA Phase 2 - Jobbing Features
  • Start: 16th of September
  • End: 19th of September
  • Event: Solo Unique - Survival Arena (Solo) - Medusa Kill Counter
  • BETA Phase 3 - Guild Features & Final Server Adjustments
  • Start: 20th of September
  • End: 21st of September
  • Events: Survival Arena (Guild) - Fortress War


• Share Event

  • Complete a few simple steps to have a chance to earn Pyrite Cash on the Official Opening!
  • Like the post on Facebook.
  • Mention 3 of your friends that play Silkroad.
  • Share the post to your profile or any public Silkroad-related groups for a bigger chance to win.
  • Reward: 1,000 Pyrite Cash / 25 Winners
  • Event Duration: Until beta ends
  • Link:

• Mention Event

  • Mention 3 of your friends and have a chance to earn Pyrite Cash on the Grand-Opening!
  • 1,000 Pyrite Cash / 10 Winners
  • Event Duration: 10 Days
  • Link:


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