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Welcome to SlayerCraft - Polish but globalised server. Don't worry, we use mostly English so it won't be a problem for You to understand anything.

Here you can:
- explore HUGE map (+/-30 maps merged in one), from skyscraper cities to underwater dungeons
- enjoy our projects, and help us if you want to (eg. Stronghold - one of the biggest spaceships ever made, with everything inside)
- decide who you want to be - you can work in mine or be a Lord of one of our districts (you have to do something to be someone like this example though)
- be an OP (after a specified time, no-banning, no breaking rules and paying regulary for the server)
- be an GM (for this you don't have to pay, but you have to be noticed by our community, you have to be someone known and known for good things :))
- and of course, you can enjoy many events on our server (we have many parties, sometimes we destroy something for fun, or just... destroy something for fun :D)

WE HAVE OUR OWN WIKI (being prepared for english version)

Like us on Facebook -

Be addicted, be cool and cause no trouble and you'll be rewarded