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It’s a cold world that is run amok with zeds and the smell of death everywhere.

You must survive by scavenging items throughout the land & under the cover of stealth. The Zeds want you but so do others. Another creature that could be your friend, foe, or the ultimate stalker! A monster like no other. Human.

We have taken a step back by many requests. There are no mods but much discovery! As we are running Livonia. You must survive! Can you? 


Every New spawn and Respawn will find the following in their inventory:

  • DryBag_Black
  • Compass
  • Canteen
  • SardinesCan
  • CombatKnife
  • CanOpener
  • BandageDressing
  • PurificationTablets
  • WoodAxe
  • BakedBeansCan
  • SodaCan_Pipsi
  • SodaCan_Spite
  • TacticalBaconCan
  • Matchbox
  • Binoculars
  • Mag_Glock_15Rnd
  • Glock19
  • HuntingBag

What are you waiting for? Come join and start your new adventure on Stalked today!

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