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[UK] Citizen Gamers | Space Engineers

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About us:
CGI is a friendly community, and we are all passionate about gaming. We don't just play Space Engineers either, so if you're interested in other game servers have a chat with us.

We have a dedicated, home-hosted, secure and fast server on gigabit connection available now for you to play on.

Our small staff team who are always willing to help. Our community discord has announcement channels and it is the best place to get in touch with any staff member.

We like to give our players as much freedom as possible whilst staying sensible, so you can play knowing that you'll be in a server that doesn't wipe often, and is maintained for the best of everyone's experience.


Server rules:
1. This is primarily a PvE server, PvP is only allowed when agreed upon or in PvP zone (Ravcor planet and its moon, aka lava planet) 500km around the planet. Base raiding and killing on sight is only allowed in PvP zone.

2. Offline raiding is against the rules and a strict bannable event, unless in PvP zone.

3. Only 4 drills per grid with a maximum of 8 drills per player. Any grids found with more than 4 drills will be deleted without compensation.

4. Keep builds sensible.

5. No lag machines - they will be deleted without compensation.

6. Do not abuse any glitches and report them to the admins.

7. Clean up after yourself! Do not leave ores/materials/debris laying around the universe.

8. Respect your fellow engineers! No hate/trolling/spamming/bullying etc.

9. Block Limits (per player):
    - 5 Refineries
    - 5 Assemblers
    - 8 Drills, 4 per grid (see rule 3)
    - 1 BuildAndRepair system per faction

10. An admin's word is final, if you disagree then please message on our discord server and you can get clarification for your concerns.

11. Take regular blueprints of your ship and if you have any incidents take screenshots for proof if you are going to claim it.

12. Name your grids, or they will be deleted.

13. Please also name your spawn points (medbays and survival kits) to help keep the spawn list clean.

14. Do not run scripts that are heavily impacting on the server before installing a script push shift+F11 and look at the server simulation load. If your script increases his value considerably, please do not run the script.


Dedicated, Home-made Server: Our founder built and maintains our high-quality server, with the latest and greatest gear. Paired with a high speed connection, your connection to our server should be seamless and uninterrupted.*
24/7: Our server is hosted 24/7. Any downtime is announced in our Discord server.
Server location: Our server is hosted in the UK.
Versatile network: We have the capability to host multiple servers at once. Fancy playing something else? Speak to a member of staff about getting a different server set up.
*This is not guaranteed, the performance of your gameplay can be affected by other variables.

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