WoW 247 Uptime Servers List

Top world of warcraft 247 uptime servers of 2021. All WoW servers of 247 uptime type, ranked by players votes.

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World of Warcraft 247 Uptime Servers List

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Voidheart RELEASE day! Come join the rapidly growing twink community and enjoy Exclusive features like: Custom Scaled Down Nagrand: PvP Ladders: Unique Quest Rewards: Custom Dungeons: Progressive Gearing: No pay to win! Voidheart Welcomes you to the new era of twinking!


Realm now Open! - PVP Server - 5x leveling rates - 5 minute download (stream play) - The best anti-cheat system about. (We offer rewards for any exploits found!) - No pay to win - Great customer support / ticket response time - A full time development team working on bugs and improvements


Brand new server working hard as hell to get it up and running again. Blizlike but with realism and no ridiculous super OP donor items. Send me an email at if interested in playing!


Best rare spawns


RadicalWoW is an Instant 90 server that has a lot to offer new and older players of World of Warcraft servers. We believe that there's no need to grind for gear on a private server when it's all about skill. With that being said we allow players to purchase BiS slot gear right at the start which wil