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Maroll Kingdom

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Maroll Kingdom is a modification of the classic game, and it offers players the opportunity to start at a higher level of progression known as "transcend." In addition, the basic level status has been modified to provide players with more opportunities to engage with the game's content. The basic rates for experience are set at 5x / 5x, but there has been a small modification made to the experience formula to provide players with more opportunities to progress through the game.

The main focus of Maroll Kingdom is to provide a balanced and rewarding experience for all types of players, regardless of their preferred playstyle. To achieve this, the server offers a variety of gameplay modes, including Battlegrounds, Events, PvM, MvP, and PvP. All of these modes are rewarded with exclusive prizes, allowing players to earn rewards for playing the game in the way that they enjoy most. Additionally, players can earn experience and zeny from Battlegrounds matches, in addition to the traditional badges.


Maroll Kingdom is a far-off land of adventure and excitement, located beyond the borders of Rune Midgard. The kingdom is in need of a new ruler, as the current king, Marcel Marollo VII, has fallen ill and is unable to continue ruling. In order to ensure that the kingdom is in good hands, King Marcel has declared that two of his sons, Prince Guillaume and Prince Croix, will compete in a battle to determine who will be the next king.

To prepare for the appointed battle, the kingdom of Maroll is hiring mercenaries from Rune Midgard to fight on their behalf. This is a unique opportunity for players to join the fight and earn great rewards for their efforts. As a mercenary, you will fight for a prince and help them gather support from the people of Rune-Midgarts in preparation for the epic showdown. The stakes are high, and the rewards for victory will be great, so don't miss out on this chance to become a hero and help shape the future of Maroll Kingdom.

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