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Hello fellow Dragonlance fans; 


For years now a Dragonlance Persitent World has ben hosted online, for 12 years actually. recently it has seen a marked drop in player count and involvement. To this end the team that brought this once wildly successful and groundbreaking rendition of Krynn to life is embarking again on the mission to truly capture this unique and much loved D&D world.


The server that is presently being hosted is the Legacy server which requires these HAKSUnfortunately there is limited DM support at this time as all staff are working hard and gearing up for the launch of the new Persistent World - Dragonlance Chronicles EE. Please visit our website and join our Discord Channel to see progress updates and join the community that will fight the War of the Lance.


Players in the new PW will enjoy the benefits of all the latest in creature skins, character graphics, crafting, horses and combat animations. They will also enjoy a world that is full of activity and history, with hundreds of areas to explore and user friendly access to all of our favorite features, including but not limited to, player persisten housing, large scale war and conflict, seige and conquer towns and cities, explore a rich landscape that allows you to walk from one end of the world to the other. Custom Dragonlance classes and races plus thousands of custom items will make this a world you wont forget, because you wont want to leave.


The launch date for the new Persistent World - Dragonlance Chronicles EE - July 1st 2021



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