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Ham5teak is a cracked Skyblocks - Survival server. We have many awesome plugins such as custom enchantments, custom world generators, a great anticheat plugin, and much more! There are also many awesome builds such as large PvP arenas, and fun minigames, all built by our dedicated staff.

What differentiates us from other Skyblocks servers is that we also have an entire custom-made world dedicated to foraging for resources such as farms and treasure chests! It really adds a new dimension to our Skyblocks server - From ravines to mountain peaks, you loot what you find and everything is entirely natural and realistic.

Feel like starting an island? We have many stater islands painstakingly hand-crafted by our very own talented builders. From big to small, each of these islands has their very own theme and are of various difficulties. To try them out, use */island* in-game and start your very own island.

Need help on your island? You can easily invite your friends over to your island, or open it up to the public! You will never feel bored again with our custom-ore generator, which gives random chances of cool ores when you mine in a cobblestone generator. A custom-tree generator is also currently being developed by our awesome developers and will be out soon!

Bored of playing on Skyblocks? You can also explore our custom-generated survival world! Everything in it is natural and realistic. You can also get a breathtaking view if you use shaders in it. Trees, mountains, and rivers there are tweaked and amplified to give players the most realistic, fun and unique survival experience.

Running low on cash? Vote for the server for instant in-game money, MCMMO credits, and a token. You can use tokens to buy /fly! Flying also allows you to gather resources faster for your island in the custom-made resources world.

Ham5teak is still a relatively new server so we hope that you can support us by joining it. Who knows, you may actually like it! We have friendly staff, 99% uptime, little to no latency and a vibrant economy. With relatively few players, it is easy to get to the top of the leaderboards at the moment. Don't miss the opportunity - join us now! Our server IP is, our forums are at, and our discord server can be found at We look forward to seeing you here on the server!