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---> [Rates] <---

- Starting Level: 80


- Safe Enchant: +6
- Maximum Enchant: +21
- Crystal Scroll Maximum Enchant: +25
- Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 75%
- Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 85%

- Crystal Scroll Enchant Rates:
50% [for +22]
40% [for +23]
30% [for +24]
20% [for +25]


If the attempt to enchant an item using Crystal Scrolls fails, the enchantment value remains the same.


---> [Protection Features] <---

- DDoS Attack Protection
- Alternative Interface Protection.
Olympiad Feeding Protection.
- The usage of Premium Hacks is strictly prohibited.
- Automatic Bot Banning.

---> General Features <---

- Carefully balanced classes.

- The Olympiad Period ends every five (5) days.
- Only retail S Grade Items allowed in the Olympiad.
- Seperate Class Balance for the Olympiad.
- Giran Castle Siege: Every Friday at 10 o'clock [GMT+3]
- Aden Castle Siege: Every Thursday at 7 o' clock [GMT+3]

- Free S Grade Equipment upon entering the game.
- Free Third Class quest.
- Every Sub-Class available for every character.
- Free A Grade Equipment.

- Automatic Potions.
- Vote Reward system.
- Most significant merchantise bought using Vote Coins.
- Carefully remastered BladeDancer and SwordSinger Classes.
- Frequent TvT, CTF and DeathMatch events.


---> Custom Features <---

- Custom Circlets found solely in the Vote Shop.
- Custom Masks found solely in the Event Shop.
- Custom, yet balanced, PvP Jewelry.
- Custom Mid-Grade Tattoos.


- Custom Farming Zones:

* Safe Farming Zone: No PvP / PK allowed.

* Normal Middle-Grade Farming Zone: PvP and PK allowed, however there is a certain superiority in the items acquired therein.

* Top Grade Farming Zone: Character respawned in the same area after death. However, in order to prevent constant PK's in that particular zone, the monsters that may burn the karma are placed far away.


- Custom Items:

* "Forever Weapons" [Middle Grade]

* "Apella Armor" [Middle Grade]

* Dusk Weapons [Top Grade]

* Dusk Weapons may be upgraded up to Level 11.

* Custom Dynasty Armor [Top Grade]

* Custom Supreme Tattoo.

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