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KEN ORWEN[59] A PVP ONLY SERVER, GRAND OPENING 13TH OF Octomber 20017!!!OPENINGGGGTOMORROW! Intro:After 7 successfully years , with many surprises and incredible battles ( 7 YEARS SEASON WITHOUT A WIPE ) we will bring you back old good memories . Moments of glory and fascinating pvp battles await all the players that will join on our reborned Ken Orwen Server.A server with huge community , huge history and of course balanced with expirienced gm staff that will be there 24h/24h to guide you and support you on any possible issue. Server Rates:Xp Rate: x9999Sp Rate: x9999adena Rate: x1 ( a custom adena rate will be applied )Drop Rate: x1 ( a custom drop rate will be applied )Safe Enchant +6Max Enchant +30Enchants:Enchant Rate Normal Scrolls: 70% ( max enchant +25 armor /weapon )Enchant Rate Blessed Scrolls: 100% ( max enchant +25 armor /weapon )Enchant Rate Crystal Scrolls: 60% ( from +25 to max +30 , back to +20 on fail )PS: a high enchant is always welcome in a pvp server , but in order to keep stats balanced we have changed the way enchants stats raising.Augmentation System:Mid Lifestone Rate: 4%High Lifestone Rate: 6%Top Lifestone Rate: 8%Armor Augmentation AvailableJewels Augmentation AvailableActive Augments : You can have all active augments at the same timePassive Augments: You Can have a max of 11 passive skills ( 5 on jewels , 5 on armor , 1 on weapon )Before You Say Wtf Full Augments What A Fail Read Bellow: we have decreased the power of augments enough ( from 100% to 10 % ) what we want to achieve?we want to allow you to have all active skills and 11 passive skills.when a server opens ( especially pvp interlude ) augments appear and server ruined causing people to leave .this way augments wont make that big difference plus you will have to grow your stats in a time manner ( you will have a goal to earn as much as active and passive augments as possible )so augment by augment you will become better BUT not with a big difference from other players. EXAMPLE:mage damage without empo active:normal hit damage : 700magic critical damage: 2100mage with empo active:normal hit damage: 725magic critical damage: 2175Olympiad:max enchant +6heroes every month ( we dont want to force you playing all time olympiad ) our server will be full of pvp fun to focus thereSieges:Sieges every week with special secret bonus for every castle ( bonuses will rotate on every siege )GamePlay:A/S Grade Armors,Weapons, Jewels For FreeLegency / Dynasty Armors, Weapons With adenaRaidBoss Jewels With adenaInstant 80 LevelLow Farming Adena Area Newbie Protected ( Max Enchant +3 ,No Augemtns, 1 Safe Spot )Blessed Scrolls Available With Adena ( Fast +20 Enchant On Your First Minutes On Server)Balanced PvP Area ( Max Enchant +20 , Only Active Augments, Fair For All Players ) 1 PvP = 1 PvP MedalInsane PvP Area ( No limitations ) 1 PvP = 2 PvP MedalsCrystal Scrolls Available With PvP Medals ( we give emphasis on pvp not farming)Lifestones Available With PvP Medals ( and again emphasis on pvp )Clan Rep Points Can Be Bought With PvP PointsPersonal And Mass Vote Rewards (mafia potions + surprise box )RaidBosses Every 2 Hours With Hero Coin Drops And Book Of Giants Warning!!!This Is A PvP Only Server Forget About Farming
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