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Slashscape BETA [2008-2015]

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The one and only true Slashscape has returned! The original Slashscape, passed down from Mod Ryan (AMG A BEAR) to the new current owner Chris, has existed for over 7 years and has now been developed again better than ever before. With our council of veterans, we have been recreating the nostalgic revolutionary RSPS experience that had attracted thousands of players to the old Slashscape server. We have several years of experience and have been  thoroughly reconstructing and managing the game for maximum enjoyment. We pride ourselves in having a strong and loyal community of players who have continuously come back for years. Our administration is very in touch with the community and values the input of each player, taking the needs of the players and implementing them into the game.
Currently, we are in the BETA stage of development. We are primarily a PKing sever but also have an emphasis on unique content that will bring a fresh new twist on RSPS gameplay. Our development speed has increased over the past few weeks and you can expect us to come out with several updates and new content very soon.

  ♦  MySQL forum integration with the game
  ♦  Account backups every 3 hours to ensure account protection
  ♦  No rollbacks
  ♦  Recently upgraded VPS
  ♦  Stable online server 24/7
  ♦  Webclient with fixed/fullscreen mode
  ♦  Downloadable client
  ♦  Asgarnia Base w/AkZu's Client

  ♦  Edgeville 1v1
  ♦  Annakarl Multi
  ♦  Varrock Multi
  ♦  Dareeyak
  ♦  Carrallanger
  ♦  Ghorrock
  ♦  Regular PK Champion Tournaments
  ♦  PK Point System & Shops coming soon!
  ♦  Top kills/KDR billboard coming soon!

  ♦  Kalphite Queen
  ♦  King Black Dragon
  ♦  Dagganoth Bosses
  ♦  Slash Bash (minigame boss)

  ♦  Rock Crabs
  ♦  Taverly Dungeon
  ♦  Brimhaven Dungeon
  ♦  Slayer Tower
  ♦  Slayer Dungeon
  ♦  Advanced Custom Slayer Dungeon
  ♦  Tzhaar City
  ♦  Mithril Dragons
  ♦  Barrelchest
  ♦  ...and many more!

  ♦  Duel Arena
  ♦  Fight Pits
  ♦  Survival Minigame-Custom built minigame with elements of the old Slashscape mummy minigame with several new features!
  ♦  Barrows-Coming very soon!
  ♦  Godwars-Coming very soon!

 ♦  Working Combat Skills
 ♦  Slayer with Rewards Shop and custom mystery box
 ♦  Fishing
 ♦  Cooking
 ♦  We have very recently began on recoding non-combat skills and these will be released very soon!
 ♦  Almost perfect PVP with oldschool weapons
 ♦  Perfect AGS (max hit is 75 as it should be in 2007)
 ♦  Perfect dark bow (minimum hit of 8 8, max hit of 48 48)
 ♦  Aggression soon to be complete
 ♦  Special attacks nearly done
 ♦  New items coming very soon
 ♦  Donator zone and shops

After several years of both playing and managing private servers, we have developed a staff system that will ensure a great server experience with helpful staff and no abuse. We have given our staff members several tools in order to ensure they can maximize efficiency and maintain the integrity of the server. These tools include:
 ♦  Ability to view player's banks and inventory
 ♦  Ability to view player logs
 ♦  Working report system integrated between server and forum
 ♦  Ability to impose several punishments of different lengths
 ♦  Extensive administrator/moderator management system to keep staff balanced and in check
Our staff is friendly and easily approachable. We like to have a level of professionalism while also maintaining a good sense of humor and a positive attitude.

 ♦  Classic Slashscape VBulletin forums
 ♦  Working High Scores
 ♦  Donation Shop
 ♦  Forum and game database integration
 ♦  Ability to view ingame profile to check on moderator actions imposed on your account with history, type, ability to appeal, etc.
 ♦  Game update log
 ♦  Very active with a community that enjoys having serious discussions as well as having a laugh








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