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Spider WoW

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Greetings everyone


We're glad to announce the release of a new World of Warcraft private server Spider WoW Cataclysm 4.3.4 with progressive content .

What Spider Wow offers?

All classes are scripted and working blizzlike .
Arenas fully working!
Battlegrounds fully scripted!
Tol Barad daily quests fully working!!
All dungeons Working!
Anti-cheat system!
Vote Shop !

Raids Available :

Bastion of Twilight (Fully scripted) !!!
Blackwing Descent (Fully scripted)!!!
Throne of the Four Winds (Fully scripted)!!!
Baradin Hold (Fully scripted , but only 1st boss is available)!!

Server Rates :

Profession rate x3
Gold rate x2
Xp Rates x10
KillQuests Xp x10
Exploring x10

Why join Spider Wow??!?!!!?

Well the answer is quite simple , if you're looking for a private server that offers quality , then you're in the right place!!!

Join us !!!

Discord :

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