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1 United States Flag

No Trammel, Age of Shadows, Open PvP, 2/6 Casting, 720 Skill Cap, Fast Gains, Running on Defiance [DFI] and Longevity Code, Daily CTF, Pentagram, Duel Arena, Cursed Cave, Forgotten One, Dedicated Dual Xenon Server, No Pay to Win Shop, Chicago, USA

2 United States Flag

Trammel: Normal UO play with Felucca ruleset - Automated CTF–Paragons–Minataur's Pass..Travel from Britannia to Ice & Fire Island–Many Tamables Felucca: NO MOUNTS, NEW“Role Playing Faction System” NEW-“Automated Game of Thrones” Attack the castle, take the throne!

3 United States Flag

New graphics, maps, hundreds of new custom mobiles and items. 40 new houses. Designed to be fun for single and multiplayer. Uniquely different from any other shard. Period.

4 United States Flag

Built in 1999 I decided to start it up again to be reborn!

5 United States Flag

Crafters Paradise was created to be played casually, do a lot of crafting and decorating, ect. It's a fairy tale land where resources are plentiful and gold is earned through work not killing. Young and casual player friendly. Visit the website for the rules and a list of server features. iceyou.org

6 United States Flag

UO: Addiction is 100% free to play. We created this server due to our love of the game and the community that comes together to enjoy the game we all know and love. Instead of a donation system we have a rewards system that encourages players to PvP or PvM to gain rewards other servers offer through

7 United States Flag