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WoW servers, World of Warcraft servers list of 25 last submitted servers.

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Last Submitted WoW Servers

Rank Server Votes
1 Germany Flag
2 United States Flag
3 France Flag

Wargods Reborn is the new version of the wonderful WarGods WoW.  WarGods is a 3.3.5 fun server, balanced between the old school fun server and the new generation.  Because we focus on quality and content, here are some of the benefits you have if you sign up for WarGods Reborn.

4 New Zealand Flag
5 United States Flag

Gates of Creation is a brand new 5.4.8 BlizzFun Server ( Mists of Pandaria ), because we want to keep the Blizzlike Content for Blizz lovers, and adding Custom Content for Fun lovers. Come and join us, you'll love it

6 Argentina Flag

Servidor dedicado de WotLK 3.3.5a (12340) Rates x1, fines de semana x1.25 Sistema de reclutación de amigos. Funciona 100%: PVP y PVE Staff de desarrolladores.

7 Romania Flag

How many players and mobs / bosses you kill or how many points /honor you will receive well come play and will see. It is a Legion Fun Server , with a lot of Custom features : 1v1 PvP , Solo LFR , Solo Dungeons/Raids and much more !

8 Slovakia Flag
9 Czech Republic Flag

Wotlk, Custom Content, Custom Fun Server

10 United Kingdom Flag

World of Warcraft Legion server. It's not like any other servers! We focused to make blizzlike experience! 7.3.5 [26972] !NO PAY2WIN!

11 United States Flag
12 Poland Flag
13 United Kingdom Flag

Wrath+ - The vertex of a balanced high rate server. Cross-faction PvE/PvP, Guilds, Transmogrification, Dynamic Mounts and more!

14 Romania Flag
15 Russia Flag
16 Bulgaria Flag

Wow Server TBC 2.4.3 More information can be found on the website!

17 Finland Flag

[6 VIP STATUS] [ Paragon System ] [PvP Seasons] [ Instant 255 ] [Mega Fun Server ] [ Custom Zones] [Friendly and active Staff ] [ PvE & PvP Gear ] [ Custom Bosses ] [80000+ Custom Items] [Scripted Instance] [Custom Quests] [Working BG and Arena] [13 Tiers ] [ Cool World Bosses ] and much more.

18 Panama Flag

Este es un proyecto nuevo diferente, solo un reino para relajarse solo o con amigos sabiendo que usted es el propietario de sus datos. Dicho esto, no esperes nada mas de el, solo un lugar pequeño y comodo.

19 United Kingdom Flag
20 United Kingdom Flag

IF YOU want to play at our server - YoU have to sent Your wish. We are waiting for new minimum 5000 registered players to open new transche of registrasions - if YOU want to play at our server please sent your registration

21 United Kingdom Flag

TBC WoW Server with: Free I58 Option with 50+ vanilla rare gear for free! Blizzlike Raids with TOP Quality Script Developed for 13 years! Exp Rates x2, Reputation x2, Prof. Skill up x2, Honor x1, Gold Rates x1, Loot Rates x1! Anti-Cheat,DDoS and Hack

22 Canada Flag

WoW Atlantic is a Stable WotLK private server with fair gameplay and active staff!

23 United Kingdom Flag

[Instant 80][Solo Raids][Flying everywhere][Reforging][Transmog][PLAYER UPGRADES][GEAR UPGRADES][Solo Queue][PVP Tokens][Custom Mall][Titles NPC][Reputation NPC][Vote rewards][Phased duels][Duel tracking][Antifarming][Emblem exchanger][PVP Tokens][Teleporter][Player commands][3.3.5]

24 Romania Flag

The best World of Warcraft Private Fun Server worldwide !

25 Germany Flag

A Unique WOTLK 3.3.5a instant lvl. 255, Group and Soloable content, unique upgrading system, artifact system with Roles, Extra expansion content, 14 races incl Worgens, Goblins & Pandarens, Custom Coded instance and zone for high tier sets