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1 Australia Flag

A good mix of survival, creative and PvP, Amethysia is a new and exciting Minecraft Server suitable for players of all ages. Donator perks available through the Buycraft website. Recently updated to Minecraft 1.12.2. Plugins include Mob Hunting, Crazy Enchantments, Crazy Envoy, Crates Plus and many

Players: 4/50
2 Australia Flag

The Australian Multi-Purpose Server It is recommended that you visit our website to get detailed information on all our features, current and future, and other useful pages (like Dynmap)! Looking for a server where you can play almost any game type, but still have the comfort of being part of a com

Players: 0/30
3 Australia Flag

Australian based survival server on 1.15.2 with a very close knit community. We are an ever growing server with a very active staff and member base. CooeeMC has regular events, economy, kits, free ranks, friendly staff and dedicated PVP areas.

4 Australia Flag

The Acid Mines server was founded in February 2011. Hosted in Sydney, Australia. 24/7 Survival server. Creative world for art. Skills and levelling system. Create your own protections. Trading Cards!

Players: 0/42
5 Australia Flag

Undermine is a small and friendly Infinity Evolved 3.0.1 server hosted in Sydney, Australia. Featuring a basic economy and protection with MyTown2.

Players: 1/20
6 Australia Flag

Australian Crafters Empire - Towny server. Commonly know as ACE, is a Towny server which as been running since 20th March, 2012. Its a child friendly server. Website: The main plugins include: - Towny + ACE Home Protect - ACEmarket - ACEevents - ACEbot - MobHunt

Players: 0/42
7 Australia Flag

Website: Welcome to AllianceCraft Freebuild/Survival Server [1.12.*]! We have a Grief Protection plugin in place where all of your builds, belongings and even animals can be protected with a couple of simple clicks. AllianceCraft is all about giving you the chance to get onlin

Players: 6/128
8 Australia Flag

Hi there, Today I would like to introduce you to our new Factions server "Diamond Point" We are a 24/7 hosted server that provides a fun and exciting experience for everyone! From the novice to the masters! We welcome all types of players! Young and old! We have custom content from Crates Keys to a

Players: 0/12
9 Australia Flag

Lightube MC Network is a server network based in Sydney, Australia. We have several gamemodes including Creative, Survival, Skyblock, Prison, Parkour, and more coming soon!

Players: 0/1
10 Australia Flag

You have discovered a unique and exciting Minecraft RP Server experience. Crimson Ingot is an ever changing world - where you become part of the story. There are many interesting facets that set this server apart from other PVP Style Servers - when you enter the land of Templehelm you will find a l

Players: 5/100
11 Australia Flag

Anarchy Factions - Next to no rules - New map - PVP - Raiding - Anarchy - Player Owned Shops - Factions - Silk Spawners

Players: 0/100
12 Australia Flag

*** Load Testing *** Fairly relaxed and plenty of room to build. Plenty of staff positions still available for long term active members. This is a family oriented server!

Players: 0/20
13 Australia Flag

» JOIN NOW « PLAY.AUSCRAFT.NET Survival | Protections | mcMMO | Creative | Great Community Here’s some handy links » FORUMS » TEAMSPEAK » STORE » We look forward to seeing you, and Happy Crafting!

Players: 8/100
14 Australia Flag

A great medieval role playing minecraft server that you should come and join

Players: 0/60
15 Australia Flag

Are you looking for the perfect minecraft survival multiplayer server…? Something with an inclusive and close-knit community, events, friendly staff? Look no further. Zerp Australia is an Australian MC server hosted in Sydney. > We’ve got custom terrain: huge mountains, intricate custom

Players: 3/50
16 Australia Flag

UnknownSurvival is a PVE Semi-Vanilla Survival Server, it has friendly staff and we would like you to join to expand our community our staff are Australian so they will not always be on

Players: 3/100
17 Australia Flag

Palterra is a friendly cracked vanillaesk bucket server. This server has everything from basic minecraft survival to spleef, pvp arenas and so much more. Palterra is a fledgling small but friendly community. Why don't you come on with us and try it out.

Players: 0/20
18 Australia Flag

Biataria is a new factions server! We strive to do our best and help our players the best we can! The staff try their best to be friendly and helpful to all players! Come help our community grow today!

Players: 0/40
19 Australia Flag

Come play SynergyCraft! We have a few plugins that I'm sure you'll enjoy! Examples are thirst, RPGLives and many more. We have a small community and would love to see new active players join, bring your friends and come play at SynergyCraft.

Players: 5/30
20 Australia Flag

1.12.2 BungeeCord Hosted in Australia full protection in survival world with world guard multiworlds which include: Skyblock, Plots, The Dropper and now Modded Survival 1.12.2 Server! We are a very family friendly server, we are very strict on no swearing or any 18+ content during the day to make i

Players: 2/75
21 Australia Flag

After a request to bring the server back online, ive updated the website and server to the latest versions! Loyle is Back once again, come and enjoy minecraft on loyle with access to the Loyle Store (Essentials Economy System) It will make building soo much easier! To access the store you simply ha

Players: 1/20
22 Australia Flag

Its is not a 24/7 server. In the future It Will Be Just waiting on your guys donations! THANKS :)

Players: 0/20
23 Australia Flag

Welcome to the best PvP server! We offer a new and exciting gaming experience that your typical factions server cannot provide! We have a very helpful community, large staff and the best owners around to make your experience on BetterPvP an unforgettable one. Come check us out!

Players: 17/1
24 Australia Flag

Miners Kingdom is a newly constructed server run by Minecraft enthusiasts that work hard to give you the best gaming experience! Our server is based in Sydney Australia and is protected by military grade security equipment. We have specific rules to ensure you that we are a family friendly server!

Players: 0/500
25 Australia Flag

You could be fighting off Bandits, Boarding a Spanish Man O War or raiding Pirate Strongholds, theres plenty to explore within a unique genre. Old Shipwrecks, Outposts, Strongholds & Ports can hold many rewards! Come join us today. - Choose a Roleplay class. Pirate, Drunk, Gypsy, Fisherman,

Players: 0/40