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1 United Kingdom Flag

Welcome back Pixelmoners and welcome to Poke Meadows! Pixelmon Version | 5.1.2 Website: http://www.pokemeadows.com Server Ip: play.pokemeadows.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Poké Meadows has now officially launched!

Players: 29/100
2 United States Flag

Join today! Create memories with us! We have active staff, no lag and over 10 minigames, its everything you want in a server plus more.

Players: 9/69
3 United States Flag

We're running Pixelmon Generations (adds over 200 new Pokemon!) Use our Technic modpack to join us: http://pokeverse.org/install

Players: 29/120
4 United States Flag

We use the WolfpackCraft Custom Modpack! Instructions on our website! People of all types are welcome on this server! Simple rules of no griefing, no stealing, and be nice! Items prefaced with a * are allowed for members that attain the rank of Trusted for outstanding community performance. Banned

Players: 0/20
5 United States Flag

We are having problems with server but we will fix them.

Players: 0/30
6 Germany Flag

░░░ Website: www.craftersland.net | Forum: forum.craftersland.net ░░░ >> Server address: sf3.craftersland.net ░░░░░░ SkyFactory3 Modpack by FTB ░░░░░░ This modpack can be found on FTB and Curse launchers! ░░░░░░ Server Info: ░░░░

Players: 81/380
7 Australia Flag

Undermine is a small and friendly Infinity Evolved 3.0.1 server hosted in Sydney, Australia. Featuring a basic economy and protection with MyTown2.

Players: 1/20
8 United States Flag

IP: pixel.un-linked.com Easy way to install pixelmon: http://un-linked.com/install Our pixelmon server offers you the ultimate gaming experience: * Our server never lags at all * We have mounts and double jump so you can travel a lot faster! * Backpacks * PokeSell (safe way to sell pokemon) * Our g

Players: 115/1000
9 United States Flag

Server Features: - Shiny Starters & Random Shiny Upon join - 5x Spawn Rates - 2x Experience Gain - Daily Login Rewards - Halved Amount of Steps for Egg Hatching - Riding Enabled - EV Training Area Available To Everyone - EVs/IVs Command Available To Everyone - Breeding Command Available To

Players: 0/90
10 United States Flag

This is a server dedicated to our players. We are a bungeecord network striving to give you the best experience you will ever have on a server.

Players: 0/250
11 France Flag

Welcome to Naruto Adventures. This server is based off of the anime "Naruto" and is an mmorpg server. On this server you can go on an adventure as a ninja. With friends or alone, you can surpass one another by training hard and fighting monsters and rogue ninjas. You can also do a main story line (

Players: 39/120
12 United States Flag

Minecraft Server Minecraft Server Minecraft Server Minecraft ServerMinecraft Server Minecraft Server Minecraft Server Minecraft ServerMinecraft Server Minecraft Server Minecraft Server Minecraft ServerMinecraft Server Minecraft Server Minecraft Server Minecraft ServerMinecraft Server Minecraft Serv

Players: 0/120
13 Poland Flag

Serwer GC2 Frakcje + SkyBlock + Minigry Wyjątkowe, autorskie pluginy, oraz generatory światów. Zapraszamy! IP: gc2.pl /// gc2.mcsw.pl

Players: 18/2000
14 United Kingdom Flag

Do you like adventure and taking risks? Do you want to be part of a friendly, growing community? If you answered yes to both these questions then I would like to introduce you to ICEJ Luckyblock factions. Listed below are some of the exciting features that make our server so unique: 1) LuckyBlocks

Players: 8/100
15 United States Flag

Features: We've completely revamped the ranks! This means that ranks from Factions be transferred over to Skyblock. Players will be given a fresh start and are able to work to make their island fancy and build their balance! The ranks are more balanced than factions and less OP. Ranks: Space (Top R

Players: 6/500
16 United States Flag

BlockDrop is the fastest growing networking right now! We have amazing Factions servers, plus Skywars, Creative, Survival, Hunger Games, Skyblock, Kit PVP, and our latest creation is 'The Sims'. Come and join our friendly community at mc.blockdrop.org

Players: 749/4000
17 United States Flag

Pixelmon generations server with many custom features including a rank upper, custom starters, Battle tower and many more things to come! We have a nice staff and community that can always help you when you have problems or questions. We take ideas from players to make the server better in the futu

Players: 14/50
18 United States Flag

We're running Pixelmon Generations (adds over 200 new Pokemon!) Use our Technic modpack to join us: http://pokeclub.net/install

Players: 11/120
19 Belgium Flag

We zijn momenteel bezig met een minetopia server we kunnen hulp gebruiken dus we zoeken helper jullie zijn altijd welkom.

Players: 0/100
20 Netherlands Flag

Hoi! Leuk dat je onze server bent tegengekomen! wij zijn een nieuwe minetopia server (3 December) We hebben een spawn van 98x98 en we hebben 2 steden Je hebt 50+ verschillende armor Setjes (elke maand nieuwe te koop) Stad 1 is nog redelijk klein maar leven de meeste mensen Stad 2 moet nog aan gewer

Players: 4/100
21 United States Flag

Kastia is perhaps the most expansive Minecraft MMORPG in existence. Beyond that, Kastia features exclusive minigames such as Lucky Block Skywars, Ronbattle, and more! Everything on the server is coded from scratch by Ronbo, and the team strives to push out new content and features on a weekly, if n

Players: 9/250
22 United States Flag

pvp / custom 3d guns / looting / raiding / gangs / renting / ranks / horses / bank / trails / bounty / and a whole lot more! Kronic Zombie Survival is a Zombie Apocalypse Server. You can learn more about the server and how to play on the website located at: www.kroniczombie.com

Players: 1/80

The Ultimate Skyblock Experience! Don't Forget To Donate!!

Players: 0/20
24 United States Flag

A very fun small server, with many fun aspects and essential plugins.

Players: 1/100
25 Latvia Flag

Join our Minecraft Survival Factions Server MC.DGA.LV:11301 (Included: Train carts, Minecars, Ships, Stargates and other good plugins)

Players: 25/100