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1 United States Flag

McGames is a semi-new server! 1.11.2! Vote to help us grow! Donate here >> https://server.pro/server/5371131/donate/ Our Website >> http://mcgamesserver.enjin.com/

Players: 0/250

Are you looking for a Spawn & Build English/Dutch server? Then you are entirely correct on WorldCraft! WorldCraft gives you the opportunity to survival, or just fighting each other in PvP! Also we weekly host competitions! Think of Spleef, Parcour, mob arena, etc. For the normal players we

Players: 0/100
3 United States Flag

Come Join our family friendly community today! Server IP: mc.ManicsEnd.com Survival, factions and much more! No handouts and fair staff.

Players: 0/100
4 United States Flag

Welcome to FaithfulMC! Gamemodes: - HCF - Kitmap - Practice PvP - Creative And more to be implemented soon IP: faithfulmc.com Join for an amazing time!

Players: 437/5000
5 United States Flag

A kitpvp server that has a lot of kits that are all related to memes. We are a growing server that likes the idea of unlocking more kits as you play and we based it around dank memes! Join now if you like PvP and dank memes! The server is 1.8 - 1.11 so if you like to use 1.8 it's fine to join.

Players: 3/420
6 United States Flag

CrazyCo Craft is a friendly City Roleplay server. We use Slimefun, Shopkeepers, SignShop and more to make your time here fun! 1CRAZYFROG is the owner.

Players: 0/52

Creative server. Start in a guest area where you build something to get promoted to 'builder' after that you can build freely in one of our maps. Rules No Griefing No inappropriate Structures Administrators: moss_crow, chrisbs, Vokan, woder22, dk221

Players: 0/200
8 Croatia Flag

Join CraftFilm server from Croatia! Pridruži se CraftFilmu serveru iz Hrvatske! Play super fun games! Igrajte super zabavne igre!

Players: 0/20
9 Denmark Flag

DanishFaction er en ny opstartet dansk faction server vi søger derfor nye player, du vil starte med et rank der hedder spiller

Players: 0/30
10 Argentina Flag

Bievenidos al server de Minecraft de GATURRO! - SkyWars - KitPVP - SkyBlock - Rangos - Creativo - Economia - Rankings

Players: 0/500
11 United States Flag

Apple Realms IP = mc.realms.cc website = http://realms.cc About Us: Apple Realms is a network, focused on one goal. Your happiness! We want you to experience the best you can get. With premium hardware and an extremely dedicated staff team, We believe Apple Realms is the server for you.

Players: 0/300
12 Canada Flag

Hello guys. Today I'm here to talk to you about a new server that me and afew other friends have been working immensely hard on for the past 2 or more weeks. The server began as a HardCorePvPing server. But we had a change of heart and decided to make it a hub server. We have many minigames includi

Players: 0/150
13 United States Flag

This is my first server that is relatively simple at the moment. It has very few rules and restrictions. I will be changing and updating constantly. If anything is not working properly please let me know, I will be online at least for an hour every day.

Players: 0/10
14 Netherlands Flag

Simscraft is een (Minetopia) server een reallife minecraft server waarin het doel is gelukkig en rijk worden!

Players: 0/100

Do you want to play something that is not like other servers and have some custom features? You found the right server then!DarkStarPvP is a Network including OP-Factions, MassivePvP and Creative and more gamemodes will come in the future. Our staff is always online and ready to help you if you hav

Players: 1/200
16 United States Flag

CyberPlex is a Brand New semi-vanilla server designed to prevent griefing and scamming. We use modified versions of Popular plugins like GriefPrevention(Land Claiming), Core-Protect, and WorldGuard to ensure all your builds are Safe and you don’t lose any of your hard work. KeepInventory is perma

Players: 4/40
17 United Kingdom Flag

Welcome to BroCraft Gaming! Here on BroCraft, we offer a variety of gamemodes, tailored to every players' liking! On BroCraft you can find Games, (e.g. Spleef & SkyWars), Survival (Factions), Creative Plots, and much more! Come join us today at: brocraftlive.net! ===========================

Players: 0/999
18 United States Flag

Come join TheArchon! This is the most active Factions server on the planet that contains constant betrayals, wither raids, new defensive tactics being deployed each day, and a place where you can battle alongside some of your favorite YouTubers. Along with a variety of Factions gamemodes, including

Players: 31/3000
19 United States Flag

Grief, raid and PvP to your heart's content! MozartRealms is a PvP Factions server with a supernatural twist - you have the option of becoming a Vampire or Werewolf! As a bonus, Vampires are able to transform into a bat for 20 seconds at a time to escape from foes. Primary Plugins: Factions, McMMO,

Players: 5/60

LustPvP has amazing staff and has very reasonably priced shop. We are looking for more people to join so come on down for PvP and AMAZING Raidz!!! The players are also All very nice!

Players: 0/1000
21 United States Flag

OPPRISON Op Kits & Miners Special enchants & Tokens Good Hits for better pvp! OPFACTIONS Try our OpFactions ! there are: Spawners " u can take them in the shop or with silk touch" Op Kits, Crates e Drugs , Players Shop, Factions war & much more... SKYWARS !

Players: 0/250
22 United States Flag

"Anarchic Frontiers" space expedition's mission is to colonize new worlds where several competing socio-political ideologies are in play. Voluntaryism, Statism, and Anocracy. How will followers of these philosophies interact with each other? will they find peace? trade? prosperity? or will it be a

Players: 0/80
23 United Kingdom Flag

A volt z warfare server designed for a survival only war server with alliances you will fight other people with guns missiles and other cool weapons the modpack includes mods such as forcefields,guns,missiles and LARGE HADRON COLLIDERS!

Players: 0/16
24 United States Flag

This is the BTCraft Network, we have been recently updated with many new thing making this a modern server. Our staff have kept the server well and alive ready for you guys! We hope you enjoy and vote to keep supporting us! The reward for votes will be fixed soon. Thanks for looking at the server,

Players: 0/256
25 United States Flag

Budder-Realms (also known as MC-Budder or Butter Realms) is a Minecraft server! Budder-Realms has Factions (Factions is like basic survival, but you can claim land and invite other people to your faction, take over people's land, etc!), but with GUNS! We also have a Creative world if you don't like

Players: 0/50