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TOP Minecraft 1.7.10 Server List

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1 United States Flag

APOC Gaming Network is a vanilla and modded network of servers hosting 1.5.2 through 1.16.5 minecraft versions on atl, ftb, curse, and technic launchers.

2 United States Flag

Hey you! Are you looking for a detailed yet fun server experinece, if so you have come to the right modpack! Features - World Bosses, Custom Bosses, Movie Bosses, Xenoverse Theme, Universes, Detailed Quests, 3 Diffuculties for each quest! https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/dbc-apollo.1143120

Players: 0/100

Serenity Craft is a no tnt, grief free, PvP server. It needs you to increase its population! Please join this server and make the owner (12pspgo) and all of its players happy. :) -12pspgo IP:

Players: 0/40
4 Canada Flag

A modded minecraft pack that focuses on quests and progression through mods using changed recipes.

Players: 6/60
5 Germany Flag

░░░ Website: www.craftersland.net | Forum: forum.craftersland.net ░░░ >> Server address: skyfactory.craftersland.net ░░░░░░ SkyFactory2 Modpack by FTB ░░░░░░ This modpack can be found on FTB and Curse launchers! ░░░░░░ Server Info: ░

Players: 76/380

Welcome to ForgottenMC, We offer a nice server with helpful staff. Currently we offer these servers for you to play on: Project Ozone 2 Reloaded - play.ForgottenMC.net Tekkit Legends - Custom Modpack - Free Gold rank until January 12 as part of our Merry Christmas t

Players: 7/500
7 United States Flag

Griefing, MCMMO/PVP, No Factions - Pure Minecraft! Store your stuff in the Enderchest at spawn - free private item bank!

Players: 3/100
8 United States Flag

Dragon Block C MOD required to play! Check our Workin in progress custom map and website: http://dbnation.enjin.com/dynmap We just started! GOGOGO! -Adventure -Growing and nice Community -Events -Custom Map -24/7 -Much More!

Players: 24/70
9 Netherlands Flag

Welcome to Defined-Rails! Defined-Rails is a modded minecraft server for minecraft version 1.7.10. Feel free to visit our website: http://defined-rails.com regards, _ItsNimnom_

Players: 7/35

This is a new server, it includes Minigames, PvP, and more to come!

Players: 0/100
11 United States Flag

Server features: ● 80 Slots and 45 plugins / NO Lag ● Custom Skylands World Generation ● MCMMO Earn Skills ● Build and Fly Airships! ● No Griefing (your stuff is safe here!) ● Tree Dropper ● Land and Item protection ● Live server map ● Player Quick shops ● Server Shops ● No wh

Players: 0/80

Best Flans mod server! Factions. THIS SERVER IS PART OF HORIZONFLANS COMMUNITY AND FIRST OF IT. Other servers: Both Cracked: Lite.horizonflans.net:25572 tdm.horizonflans.net:25573

Players: 4/40
13 United Kingdom Flag

Welcome to the Wild West Frontier! A friendly community where there's always fun to be had, whether it be farming crop for a few coins or diving headfirst into the bandit underbelly. All ages welcome. How to play: For those wishing to play the pack, you can either find it on curseforge here: http:/

Players: 8/100
14 Bulgaria Flag

Легендарния сървър на 1.7 е онлайн пак Residence,PvP,Creative,Jobs,Buyhouse Евенти Всеки Петък,Събота,Неделя от 20:00 Мега Евент Само от Неделя 20:00 и още какво няма елате и забавлявайте!

Players: 2/200
15 France Flag

Serveur Français entièrement consacré au Skyblock ! La quasi totalité du jeu en français, + de 50 challenges, échange, boutique, enchères ...Staff sérieux, compétent et à l'écoute.

Players: 0/4
16 United States Flag

Version 2.4.0 Kappa Mode cj89898's Servers: Infinity Evolved Skyblock: IP Address: mc.cjservers.net:25565 Project Ozone: IP Address: mc.cjservers.net:25566 Project Ozone 2: IP Address: mc.cjservers.net:25569 Prison: IP Address: mc.cjservers.net:25567 Sky Factory 2: IP Address: mc.cjservers.net:2556

Players: 8/60
17 United States Flag

Welcome to Saiyan Craft! This is a 24/7 Dragon Block C server. Dragon Block C is a mod for Minecraft based on the popular show and Manga Dragon Ball Z. You can become a Human, Namekian, or even a Saiyan like Goku and fight against enemies like Frieza and Saibamen in order to train and become strong

Players: 15/100
18 Russia Flag

Открыт Сервер GT New Horizons. Сборка имеет около 200+ модов, которые тщательно подобраны и сбалансированы друг с другом и GregTech. Создана систесма разделения на уровни, кото

Players: 0/20
19 United Kingdom Flag

SkilledPvP Kit server We are one of the only PvP Kit servers We have a unique currency system where you get a kill and get 3 diamonds, you then sell the diamonds in the shop and upgrade your armour

Players: 0/50
20 United States Flag

Sky Islands! Pvp Raid Factions Arena Parkour Multi World Newer server, going to be great! Member opinions greatly appreciated. Come in and check us out! We have a few staff positions open!! Factions! PVP! Raids!!! Join now!

Players: 0/80
21 United States Flag

This is a Server in Progress. It has Cake-Poke and Hunger Games It also has Op Survival With Kits. We Have Creative Plots

Players: 0/4
22 United States Flag

In our server we provide an awesome staff team and group of players! What do we have? Well we have Factions, parkour which you can use to gain money for factions, and also KitPvp with pots! We love to have fun by playing with the new members and are ready to help at all costs! Thanks, Team of Krypt

Players: 0/30
23 Australia Flag

After a request to bring the server back online, ive updated the website and server to the latest versions! Loyle is Back once again, come and enjoy minecraft on loyle with access to the Loyle Store (Essentials Economy System) It will make building soo much easier! To access the store you simply ha

Players: 1/20
24 Australia Flag

Its is not a 24/7 server. In the future It Will Be Just waiting on your guys donations! THANKS :)

Players: 0/20
25 Germany Flag

░░░ Website: www.craftersland.net | Forum: forum.craftersland.net ░░░ >> Server address: ftb.craftersland.net ░░░░░░ Server Info: ░░░░░░ > Town land protection system (MyTown 2 Mod). > Multiple chat channels. > Economy - Server

Players: 69/380