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1 Canada Flag

The IniziCraft Server: With a custom town world, gather world for resources, and a diverse and growing community

Players: 3/200
2 Canada Flag

Come and play Minecraft the way it's supposed to be played on this version 1.12.2 Spigot Minecraft Server! This up to date server features 24/7 availability and no lag! It's the perfect server to mess around on with a bunch of friends! Tired of pesky upgrades and annoying alerts in chat? Well then

Players: 11/40
3 Canada Flag

Opened 28 Aug 2017 Currently 1.12.2 A new survival server with an enhanced vanilla experience! Economy/Jobs with money based rank progression PvE focused with PVP designated areas Regular staff hosted events Monthly auctions for valuable in-game items Choose perks, items, and have a chance to win u

Players: 0/60
4 Canada Flag

Dark Eclipse, A RPG Survival Server. Custom Mobs, Items, and Classes. Custom Mobs spawn randomly thru out the world, the higher the level the harder and better the drop. Custom Items drop by level as well linked to the Monsters level. Were using Heroes as the Class Plugin. Suit up and join the figh

Players: 5/54
5 Canada Flag

A modded minecraft pack that focuses on quests and progression through mods using changed recipes.

Players: 6/60
6 Canada Flag

The Kingdom of Latis is a multi world medieval themed survival server designed for creativity, adventure, and most importantly, fun! The Kingdom of Latis has amazing sights, hidden temples, ancient villages, and more. You may choose to travel from one location to the next through portals or by drag

Players: 1/40
7 Canada Flag

Online since March 2016, this is an Open World Minecraft Multiverse server with creative AND survival worlds - YOU choose where you want to go. This is a server with lots of room to build - no games, just a massive MC Playground! This server has MCMMO, Towny, Multiverse, Anti-Griefing, survival wor

Players: 0/150
8 Canada Flag

MythicMiner --- Server Address: MythicMiner has Added quite a few RPG driven plugins to simulate a full RPG style minecraft game. Players can take Quests, Level up skills, upgrade thieir health and armor and so much more. Players are fully protected by a vast protection system t

Players: 2/120
9 Canada Flag

We are a semi-vanilla raiding and griefing server with the protection of claims for those who want it. We also have tougher than normal mobs! Even claims don't protect against everything. Will you be the one that finds a way to loot and destroy everything or will you be the one that finds a way to

Players: 0/40
10 Canada Flag

Welcome to SimplyMC, a simple minecraft server! We are a friendly towny economy server, with a bunch of extra plugins to enhance your experience! Come join us today!

Players: 0/24
11 Canada Flag

----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------- Welcome To MapleCraft ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------- Here on Maplecraft We run a OP actions Server Which helps ALL Players start off with Ge

Players: 0/350
12 Canada Flag

Aeonia brings together everything you could love about Minecraft. Evolving from a purely Pixelmon-based server, we worked hard to expand and incorporate various elements that make Aeonia a new, innovative, and exciting way to enjoy Minecraft. Each of our specialty Worlds have endless gameplay possi

Players: 0/100
13 Canada Flag

NOW LOOKING FOR STAFF! Type /APPLY STAFF In Game to Apply! Join Now! Welcome to the Velocity Network! We are an network running multiple servers such as OPPrison, OPFactions, OPSkyBlock, Factions, KitPVP, Creative and Towny. We use high end dedicated server only to insure minimal downtime and optim

Players: 0/1
14 Canada Flag

Hi there! If you're reading this then perhaps you're looking for a vanilla server? If you are... great! Yukraft is a vanilla server that utilizes only a couple plugins to keep the server operating smoothly. Yukraft is about community. We are lucky enough to have a great core of players and staff wh

Players: 0/20
15 Canada Flag

McPvP is a 24/7 action packed, never-a-dull-moment kind of MC Server. *Side effects of playing on McPvP may include When on...

Players: 1/15
16 Canada Flag

FoxHoundCraft FoxHoundCraft is a multiverse server for people looking to play in a relaxed environment. We have a survival world with all the necessary plugins, you can set home and make a claim to protect you and your builds. PVP is enabled outside of claims as well! Play alone or with friends you

Players: 1/50
17 Canada Flag

Welcome to SurvivalCraft! This is a no-grief PvP enabled freebuild server! We have mcMMO, Parkour, Spleef, PvP arenas and a massive world to build whatever you want! We have recently implemented mcMMO (a MMO/RPG plugin that allows players to upgrade their various skills). The ranks we have to offer

Players: 3/75
18 Canada Flag

Hello guys. Today I'm here to talk to you about a new server that me and afew other friends have been working immensely hard on for the past 2 or more weeks. The server began as a HardCorePvPing server. But we had a change of heart and decided to make it a hub server. We have many minigames includi

Players: 0/150
19 Canada Flag

CarrotMC is a unique Skyblock server that offers many custom features, such as the ability to make CUSTOM TREES, CUSTOM FISHING, ISLAND UPGRADES, QUESTS, FREE FLY and TONS more! As well, we have a friendly and very welcoming community! To make custom trees, purchase a sapling through /shop and drop

Players: 9/1
20 Canada Flag

A faction base, pvp enable fun server

Players: 20/200
21 Canada Flag

ClownerCraft is a very well established building based server. We've been running for over three years now, and still have a really strong and encouraging community. The server has been constantly adapted and added to over the years to make your experience the best we can offer. Our servers (both S

Players: 18/120
22 Canada Flag

Join the 3 years old growing Enix network. At the moment, our server has three different gamemodes. Towny Skyblock and Kingdoms. Our servers are cracked and running in offline mode in order to allow you and your friends to play togheter either they own Minecraft or not. We are aiming to bring you t

Players: 3/250
23 Canada Flag

Ip: Website: Shop: Discord: EcoCityCraft - #1 Best Minecraft Economy Server Forum Bank Link, Real life stocks, Sportsbook, Economy SG, & much more! Use our popular commands upon login: "

Players: 72/1000
24 Canada Flag

Factions, cool spawn, kits, ranks and much more - and that's just to start! We're looking to grow and create an amazing server and community for all players alike! Ranks for you to rank up to, kits to pick and raid bases, cheap donator ranks to support the server and get an edge over others - and s

Players: 6/100
25 Canada Flag

BogNations. A Minecraft Community Platform. Home to an amazing Minecraft community made for everyone! ==================================== Features * Survival * Creative * Economy * Parkour * Minigames * EXCLUSIVE Entertainment and Events * EXCLUSIVE BogRealmsMC Adventures * EXCLUSIVE BogRe

Players: 0/150